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Is poor reference data management costing your organization?

The growing importance of data to enterprises is leading to the fast growing importance of data governance. Reference data management (RDM) is a critical area of data governance – reference data is found in practically every enterprise application including back-end systems, front-end commerce applications, and the data warehouse. It impacts everything from the integrity of business intelligence reports to system integration efforts.

The Reference Data Management (RDM) package within TopBraid EDG™ will:
  • Lower risk – by providing auditability, provenance, and security of reference data that is required for external reporting and regulatory compliance.
  • Decrease costs – by minimizing chances of costly errors associated with manual, ad hoc processes and misinterpretation of the meaning of codes.
  • Help you succeed in the data-driven world – by putting management of reference data into the hands of business users
  • Simplify maintenance of reference data - by assuring its quality
Interested in how TopBraid EDG can improve quality and connectivity of your data?
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