Events & Webinars

Events & Webinars

June 17, 2024 | Webinar

Introducing Medical Term Management Accelerator

Join us as Laurie Nelsen, Semantic Solutions Engineer, guides you through one of our newest features, Medical Term Management Accelerator!

This powerful tool streamlines the management and alignment of external terminologies, ensures consistent data alignment, and saves time and effort. With access to over 200 linked data sets, this accelerator is a game-changer for handling medical terminologies and more.
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June 20, 2024 | NYC | Conference 


The Data Administration Management Association of New York explore the role of information management in today’s competitive global market place. DAMA-NYC events bring today the best and the brightest to present and discuss new strategies which are changing the way business is done in the information age. Join the DAMA-NYC chapter for a day full of learning and discussion around the question “Is Artificial Intelligence (AI) a Friend or Foe for Data Governance and Data Literacy?”

July 1, 2024 | Atlanta | Conference

TAG Data Governance Society Presents: GenAI Governance

Join TAG Data Governance Society for their breakfast GenAI Governance Panel, including TopQuadrant’s own Sr. Solution’s Engineer, Norm Friend. Discussions will include: 

  • Introduction to GenAI and it’s implications
  • Ethical considerations in GenAI development
  • Legal and regulatory frameworks
  • Risk management and security
  • Transparency and explainability
  • Future outlook and continuous improvement
On Demand Webinar

Navigating the Future of Data and AI: From Fragmentation to Integration

Today’s data leaders are at a critical juncture: they are an integral part of enabling GenAI initiatives that could disrupt many business operations and industries, but are also saddled with a massive influx of data that traditional data management approaches struggle to deal with. Join us as data leaders frame how semantics and knowledge graphs offer a path of preparation for Enterprise-grade Generative AI. Topics will include discussion of data-centric approaches that improve efficiency, data reusability, knowledge management, and help your organization become “AI ready.”

On Demand Webinar

What's New: TopBraid EDG 8.0

Join Steve Hedden, Product Manager, and Norm Friend, Sr. Semantic Solutions Engineer, as they guide you through the rationale behind our newest updates, why we’re excited about them, and why you should be too. This is your opportunity to discover the exciting new features and advancements in TopBraidEDG 8.0, including:
  • Auto-tagging: Simplify your workflow with intelligent, automated tagging capabilities.
  • Crosswalks: Enhance data interoperability with our new crosswalks feature.
  • New Accelerators: Speed up your projects with our latest accelerators.
  • Improved Graph Database Integrations: Seamlessly integrate with graph databases for more robust data management.
Learn how these improvements can empower you to manage your data, models, and vocabulary like never before and learn how it can benefit your organization.

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