TopBraid EDG

The ultimate knowledge graph creation and curation tool

TopBraid EDG has all the functionality you need to get the most out of knowledge graphs for data governance.


Define knowledge graphs with limitless flexibility.

With TopBraid EDG you can create knowledge graphs using a simple, no-code interface. Relationships between terms can be defined by clicking and dragging, and limitless custom classes and properties can be created by virtue of  RDF, a standard model for data interchange on the Web.

RDF is inherently interoperable and has the flexibility to describe any concept, entity, and relationship relevant to your knowledge domain. Unlike OWL, RDF can define a schema. SHACL ensures data consistency and integrity, while also enabling inferencing.

Knowledge graphs can model any level of complexity. As a result, EDG can ingest data from nearly every source.

In the era of data proliferation, you need efficiency in onboarding metadata while maintaining data quality.


from nearly any source, and map, clean, validate and normalize.


with corpus and auto-tagging, auto-classification and LLMs.

EDG has many tools to automate the creation of knowledge graphs: Auto-tagger and auto-classifier, as well as new GenAI features for entity extraction. The knowledge graph has limitless flexibility and can describe any relationship between data sets.

To scale the knowledge transfer process, people should have assistance from machines.

Organizations often have unique concepts, terms, relationships and rules that require subject-matter experts or domain-experts to imbue data with their knowledge. EDG supports federated governance, complex workflows, commenting and version control to collaborate with these stakeholders.

To transfer organizational knowledge, the ability to add meaning to the data should be widely available but governed


with SMEs via workflows and version control.


Data products created with powerful query and visualization tools.

Managing the graph is an ongoing process, and requires a variety of a range of  visualization, search and analysis tools.

EDG encodes data in the RDF standard, which is inherently inoperable. EDG provides additional publishing tools to ensure metadata can be consumed by any application or AI.

Interoperability is at the heart of semantics. In addition to an RDF core, organizations often want additional flexibility in processing knowledge graphs.


with SPARQL or GraphQL endpoints, APIs and more to feed downstream systems.

What people are saying:

“TopBraid EDG allows our organization to combine structured and unstructured data from multiple sources to create one source of truth via a Knowledge Graph. As an international organization, we manage information about regulatory standards across several regions and TopBraid EDG allows us to provide visibility on the standards used in different countries.”

Gabriel Sobrino, Data Services Manager, GSI Nederland

“Our mission is to prevent wildfires and we saw an opportunity to leverage Knowledge Graphs to streamline data sharing across local, state and federal resources. TopBraid EDG has allowed us to improve resource tracking and mapping, and improve prevention techniques. In time, we believe less major fires, less homes burned down, less displaced people, and better environmental hygiene.”

Chief Data Officer, The Office of Wildland Fire 

“The actionable information provided to our end users created a more seamless search experience. Using TopBraid EDG gave us the freedom to create relationships between our existing vocabularies and helped us transition our existing websites into one primary source of information, reducing confusion and providing users better access to information they are seeking through improved access to relevant content and enhanced search results.”

Chief Data Officer, Fortune 500 Technology Services Company

The TopQuadrant

TopBraid EDG is the ultimate knowledge graph creation and curation tool, and was built to get the most out of the most expressive and limitless information architecture, RDF.

Model Driven

Helping organizations be intentional about what their data is and how it should be used.

Reliable & Clean Data

Insights are only good as the quality of data. Enable your scientists to make your data work for you.


Collaboration is more than version control. Experts, creators, administrators all can work together to shape how the organization thinks.

Data Pipelines

Playing well with others is core to what we do. A wide array of partnerships and APIs out of the box help you keep your data at source and build better, faster.