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TopBraid EDG: An Integrated, Agile, Data Governance Solution!

Knowledge graphs are flexible, evolvable, semantic and intelligible. These characteristics enable them to bridge enterprise metadata silos by meaningfully capturing and connecting all data, technical, and enterprise assets.

TopBraid Enterprise Data Governance (EDG) is the first data governance solution that uses true knowledge graph technology based on W3C standard RDF graphs that are connectable — exactly like the web.

Using knowledge graphs, TopBraid EDG delivers integrated data governance by addressing all three aspects of data governance — Executive Governance, Representative Governance, and Applied Governance. As an agile, semantic data governance solution EDG represents all assets and their role in the enterprise using an open, extensible, and “smart” approach.

Data Governance Triangle
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Modular Data Governance Packages Are Available in TopBraid EDG

Vocabulary Management Package Icon
Advanced Metadata Management Package Icon
Reference Data Management Package Icon
Reference Data
Business Glossary Package Icon
Business Glossaries

Data governance programs can satisfy a variety of business goals. With TopBraid EDG, you can decide on your starting point. Then, using an agile approach, incrementally add capabilities to expand the scope of your initiatives.

Details on EDG packages and additional modules

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