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Download our free white paper "Maturing Reference Data Management" to learn about a practitioner-informed road map that can help your organization mature its EIM, data governance and RDM practices –and become more collaborative, efficient, and agile.

This paper describes a Reference Data Management maturity model and one likely path an enterprise can take to mature RDM. It also outlines how RDM intersects with and depends on data governance practices at each maturity level. Please fill in the form to download.

A companion whitepaper: Maturing Information Governance with TopBraid EDG describes the software capabilities needed to help you mature your Data Governance and RDM practices.

The companion white paper Maturing Information Governance with TopBraid EDG provides more details on related topics:
  • Outlines the importance of information governance — and data governance as a key component of it.
  • Presents Enterprise Information Management (EIM) capabilities as a foundation to which to align and mature data governance practices
  • Describes how TopBraid EDG supports EIM using a semantic standards-based approach
  • Discusses how TopBraid EDG helps users to make progress on their “RDM maturity” journey.
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