Semantic Search

Semantic Search

A TopQuadrant Business Solution

Semantic search enhances the value of your content in two ways: it helps your staff and your customers get what they want more quickly, and it helps them to find what they really need and not just a “stack” of documents that happen to mention the same phrase. And, when semantic search enhances the value of your content, it enhances the value of your business.


Benefits include:

  • Faster access to information
  • Better results through semantic precision
  • Greater value and reuse of content

If your staff, customers, and systems can’t find the right information quickly, it costs you money. When they can find the information assets that they need (and perhaps, related ones as well), they can do their jobs better.

Today’s progressive organizations are deploying semantically enriched search solutions for unified access to information stored in different repositories, formats, and with differing metadata. These solutions:

  • Improve findability by offering intuitive navigation paths based on related topics held in semantic models
  • Increase ‘dwell time’ by guiding web visitors to relevant content
  • Allow people to use their unique local terminology to find information that have been tagged using a different language
  • Automate federated searches by using semantic models to translate user’s search request into the unique language of each information source
  • Ease management and re-use of content by abstracting metadata from the web pages and documents while managing it at the desired level of granularity

TopQuadrant Solution

TopQuadrant’s Semantic Search solution combines the capabilities of:

To address your goals, a total solution will create an integrated environment where TopBraid products are combined with search engines, text extraction and content management systems to provide better search. Your employees, customers, partners and bottom line benefit with smarter and faster access to relevant information

If you’re in the Digital Media Sector, your content is your most important asset. If you’re in another business such as manufacturing or services, you may very well have documentation, training material, marketing collateral, and other content whose quality directly affects your company’s ability to provide the best value to your customers. The more that you can take advantage of search enrichment, the greater the value of your content, and the better you can serve your customers.

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TopBraid Products for Semantic Search

TopBraid Enterprise Data Governance™ (TopBraid EDG): Vocabulary Management Package or TopBraid Enterprise Vocabulary Net™ (TopBraid EVN) deliver the following Semantic Search capabilities:


  • Improves content delivery, search and navigation by ensuring consistency of metadata
  • Aligns and resolves differences in terminologies by accommodating semantic differences in the different contexts of use
  • Enables reuse and extension of industry standard vocabularies
  • Brings together models from structured and unstructured sources to facilitate search across all enterprise information
  • Provides user-friendly UI for creation of comprehensive models and rules needed to express rich information domains

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TopBraid Tagger delivers the following Semantic Search capabilities:

Use the vocabularies created with EDG or EVN to add relevant metadata to your documents and other information assets, boosting their value for your users.


  • Manages relationships between content and metadata
  • Supports collaboration in assigning metadata to your content assets
  • Improves quality of metadata extracted by the automated content mining tools through metadata curation

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TopBraid Live delivers the following Semantic Search capabilities:

Dynamically deliver vocabulary and metadata services to enrich search (such as Solr and FAST) and content management applications.


  • Improves navigation by using metadata to find relevant documents
  • Supplements traditional keyword searches, search engines excel at, with the model guided search capabilities
  • Creates an exceptional user experience by providing UI components like Topic Pages, Related Content, Faceted Search, etc.
  • Integrates search over unstructured information with structured information and queries

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Semantically Enriched Search Flow Chart


Video: Powering Semantic Search with TopBraid EVN

Learn how TopQuadrant’s Semantic Search solution can improve the performance of a search application.
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Case Study: Enhancing Content Access at Mayo Clinic

Employing TopBraid EVN’s flexibility to manage semantic vocabularies and create semantic metadata for tagging content allowed Mayo Clinic to create relationships among vocabularies and between terms and content. This provided a more intelligent means of searching for and delivering results on Mayo Clinic’s integrated website.
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Using the TopBraid EDG Platform to Support Semantic Search

See how TopBraid EDG, combined with TopBraid Tagger and MAECO (our extensive macroeconomics vocabulary) enables semantic search of published documents on subjects relating to finance and economics.
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