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Search Improves the Value of your Content and your Business

If you’re in the Digital Media Sector, your content is your most important asset. If you’re in another business such as services or manufacturing, you probably have documentation, training materials, marketing collateral, and other content that is key to providing the best value to your customers.

The more that you can take advantage of search enrichment, the greater the value of your content, and the better you can serve your customers. Today organizations across industries are deploying semantically-enriched search solutions for unified access to information stored in different repositories, formats, and with differing metadata.

Our standards-based data governance solution will create an integrated environment with search engines, text extraction, and content management systems to provide better search and enhanced delivery of content.

TopQuadrant's semantic standards-based approach to information management provides the following benefits:
  • Faster access to information
  • Better results through semantic precision
  • Greater value and reuse of content
  • Federated search across multiple information silos
Interested in how TopBraid EDG can help you take full advantage of your content?
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