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How do you trust that your data is accurate?

Are you are looking to improve the quality of your data? Do you want to trust that the data is accurate? Metadata provides context for data by representing its meaning, business significance, and relationships with other data. Simply put, when metadata is available in an effective way, data becomes more valuable.

Actionable understanding of data requires that we connect technical, business and operational metadata about our growing number of information assets into a single “data landscape”. Proprietary approaches are limited in the scope of the information they are able to handle and so they tend to create yet another data silo.

Metadata is collected from all data integration environments to provide the visibility and control needed to manage change, reduce errors and ensure data consistency. All metadata is available as Linked Data.

TopQuadrant’s semantic standards-based approach to Data Governance allows enterprises to trust their data, making it possible to:
  • Understand your data: Connect data silos and trace data lineage across all business systems
  • Increase productivity: Through understanding the impact of proposed data changes and enabling collaboration between business and technical stakeholders
  • Reduce business risks: Through knowing how – and when – you can use and share the data
  • Improve business decisions: Combine, integrate, exchange and analyze information more effectively and reliably
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