Automating the Mapping of Data Elements to Business Terms

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Automating the Mapping of Data Elements to Business Terms

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Aired live Dec 10, 2020

A business glossary is a collection of terms important to a business. It can capture valid definitions of values and business rules for data, sharing this key knowledge across the organization. Business glossary can be used to link IT assets such as data elements to terms that describe the data; thereby, connecting business and IT and enhancing organizational collaboration and productivity.

A well defined and operationalized business glossary saves time for employees and increases consistency, standardization and data integrity for the entire enterprise. However, the process for connecting data sources to business terms presents a challenge for many organizations. With hundreds of data sources and many thousands of data elements, it is a large undertaking.

In this webinar, we will describe how TopBraid EDG can help you automate this process, including:

  • Using Data Element Names to Map to Business Terms
  • Using Data to Map to Business Terms

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