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EDG 7.6 Release

TopQuadrant is excited to announce TopBraid EDG 7.6. EDG 7.6 features improvements requested by customers including new features in EDG Diagram, UX improvements, the introduction of customer on-boarding and self-service resource center within EDG, and updates to the Metadata Management package.
More details about these and other features are provided in the sections below.

Key Improvements of 7.6

EDG Diagram

In EDG Diagram we introduce five new features to enhance the diagramming capabilities of EDG.

Coloring of Nodes

Users of EDG diagram are able to change the colour of selected nodes using one of the pre-defined colours available. Selecting a colour will ensure that the user experience accessibility colours are adhered to, with colour themes applied to the node in order to ensure that the diagram will still be legible. This means that background colour, text colour, striped table, and collapsable boxes (headers and body) are all updated according to the user-selected color.

Coloring of nodes in EDG Diagram

Automatic routing of edges

Selecting a set of edges in EDG diagram, a function is provided to users in order to re-route the edges automatically.

Automatic routing of edges in EDG Diagram

Movement of label along edges

Users are able to drag a label along its edge, persisting its positioning and state until another label or connection movement occurs.

Movement of label along edges in EDG Diagram

Attachment of notes in diagrams

This feature provides the functionality of creating distinguishable local diagram notes within EDG diagram, whereby a note can be dragged and “sticked” anywhere on the diagram’s canvas, including overlapping nodes. Additionally, node objects could be extended by an additional section to allow the attachment of a note to a particular asset. These notes are not stored in EDG’s backend storage, but will be available in saved and exported diagrams.

Attachment of notes in EDG Diagram

Batch alignment of nodes

Selecting a set of nodes, one can batch align nodes “left”, “right”, “top”, and “bottom”. With left and right alignment, all selected nodes will align to the left edge or the right edge of the leading node. Similarly, with top and bottom alignment, all selected nodes will align to the top edge or bottom edge of the leading node. The leading node is be identified via a right-click on one of the selected nodes.

UX Improvements

Add additional asset collections in existing composite workflows

With this feature, EDG will allow you to add additional asset collections to be edited in the same workflow, without having to restart or recreate a new workflow.

Adding an additional asset collection in composite workflow

Generalize rich text editor's "link to concept" button to allow the linkage to any instance

The link to concept button in any rich text editor will allow linking to any instance and not just instances of type SKOS concept.

Skip imported assets during Problems and Suggestions execution

Users will be presented with an option to run the Problems and Suggestions report on just the locally defined assets.

Target locally defined assets in Problems and Suggestions

Values with multiple assets in a form displayed are as links

Currently, the form in the editor shows multiple assets in a property as a string concatenation. This feature will make sure that multiple assets are displayed as a list of links.

Customer On-boarding

Interactive in-product user guides

Starting from 7.6, we will be launching a set of users in-product guides together with a more self-service resource center that is accessible within EDG itself. In-product guides will be helpful to get you started with EDG, and we will be adding more guides to the product as we understand better the "new user" pains. In-product guides can be switched off per user, or per instance (contact support). This is only be available for SaaS customers for 7.6.

EDG Resource Center

Metadata Management Package

Enhancements on Permissible Value Selector

The permissible values selector (PVS) had an overall enhancement in 7.6 to provide a better solution to metadata management users. Please see migration notes for the detailed changes.

Ontology Management

dash:uniqueValueForClass visible for property shapes

dash:uniqueValueForClass will be made visible for property shapes. This will allow modelers to define and enforce unique property values for all members of a class.

More information can be found in the Data Shapes documentation.

Tabular Exporters

Export "flat" nested search results

With this feature, users will be given the opportunity to "flatten" nested search results, from search panels, when exporting to tabular formats.

Product Roadmap Portal

We have recently introduced a customer facing roadmap portal where customers can open feature requests and vote on existing ones that are considered for implementation. The customer facing portal can be found here.

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