EDG 7.7 Release

TopQuadrant is excited to announce TopBraid EDG 7.7. EDG 7.7 features improvements requested by customers with particular focus on workflows, EDG Diagram and other UX improvements.
More details about these and other features are provided in the sections below.

Key Improvements of 7.7

EDG Diagram

In EDG Diagram we introduce six new features to enhance the diagramming capabilities of EDG.

Setting of default styling options

Users can override default styling options. This will allow users to  define and configure diagram settings for the default node colour theme, edge colour and thickness, and text color (outside of nodes). User specific settings will override default settings for that user on the specific configured diagram, and cannot be shared across different users, unless exported to one of the supported formats.

Setting of default styling options in EDG Diagram

Automatic optimisation of edge routes on node movement

The layout is automatically optimised on node movement. This will ensure clarity in the diagram as soon as any movement happens.

Automatic optimisation of edge routes on node movement

Allow inclusion of images and icons

External images and icons can be embedded into the EDG Diagram canvas.

Allow inclusion of images and icons

Minimising the number of corners in connections

On movement within the diagram, a feature is implemented to ensure the minimum number of corners and bends in the diagram.

Introduction of the straight lines layout

The straight lines layout allow for the representation of complex graphs which are compact, no overlaps, and few crossings and bends. The routes of the edges consist of a sequence of alternating horizontal and vertical line segments. The diagram will also minimise the number of edge crossing and the number of bends.

Introduction of the straight lines layout

EDG Diagram navigation via hot keys

We implemented a number of hot keys to enable easier and faster navigation in EDG diagram. The following operations will be supported by the system.

EDG Diagram navigation via hot keys

UX Improvements

A simpler UX to create a new asset in a workflow

Lowering the user experience barrier for business users when proposing a new asset directly in a workflow from the production data.

Users need to set the asset collection as protected in order to use this feature

Other Improvements

All new implemented features can be found in our product roadmap portal here.

Product Roadmap Portal

We have recently introduced a customer facing roadmap portal where customers can open feature requests and vote on existing ones that are considered for implementation. The customer facing portal can be found here.

For more details see:

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