EDG 7.1 Release

TopBraid EDG version 7.1 unveils a new visualization component designed to significantly enhance users ability to review models, understand data and collaborate with colleagues. It is delivered as a new “EDG Diagram” panel that:

* Combines display of the model elements (e.g., classes) with the display of data;

* Offers fully configurable selection of content to include in the diagram;

* Includes ability to modify and configure layout and display options;

* Supports saving and sharing named diagrams i.e., diagrams as “first class citizens”.

In future releases, EDG Diagram will be further extended to support visual editing.

TopBraid EDG 7.1 introduces a new development tool – TopBraid EDG Studio.

EDG Studio replaces TopBraid Composer as an IDE for developers and power users of TopBraid EDG:

* In previous versions, TopBraid Composer could be used to simulate TopBraid EDG on the server. At times, this resulted in differences in how developed services and functions behaved when tested in Composer versus in EDG.

* TopBraid EDG Studio, on the other hand, runs EDG exactly the same as the server, delivering a more reliable development process.

To enable transition from Composer to TopBraid EDG Studio, a number of new features were added to EDG e.g., to better support working with local files, script development and debugging.

This release also includes new integrations as well as several usability, functional and non-functional improvements with the key changes and their benefits highlighted below:

Key Improvements of 7.1

New Visualization – EDG Diagram

Sample EDG Diagram Panel showing a table with its columns, a database it belongs to and a definition of the Database Table class

Diagram showing a fragment of the Geo Ontology

Diagram showing North Carolina with the related information resources

Removed Class Diagram, NeighborGram Panels and Relationship Tree from EDG as subsumed by the EDG Diagram

For more detailed documentation on EDG Diagram: EDG Diagram Doc

TopBraid EDG Studio

New Built-in Integrations

* Connect to SharePoint 365 repositories;

* Represent the SharePoint repo as a taxonomy in EDG;

* Propagate changes in the SharePoint repo to EDG;

* Propagate updates made to a taxonomy in EDG to the SharePoint repo.

To use, set MS 365 credentials and custom language settings on the EDG Configurations page. Languages must match Term Store. Local term sets are not currently in scope.

* Add asset collections to EDG from Git repositories;

* Reload asset collection from Git repository;

* Commit asset collection to Git repository;

* Execute capabilities listed above as services for integration with workflows and/or other on-demand or scheduled jobs.

To use, set parameters on the EDG Configuration page. Note, Git integration requires a local folder on the server that connects to a git repository.

Are you aware of all the data integration options available in TopBraid EDG?

For a complete list, see https://archive.topquadrant.com/products/data-integrations/

UX Improvements

A custom icon can be declared to be the same for all members of a class (e.g., the same icon for all countries) or it can be declared as a value of a property resulting in different icons for assets of the same type. See the below screenshot for an example.

This mode is supported through setting viewer for the property to the “inline viewer”.

Ontology Development

These constraints allow users to specify conditions that only a certain number of values of a given property must meet. For example, at least 1 and no more than 2 values of “prop” property must be members of Class B, while other values of “prop” can be members of other classes. Prior to 7.1 such constraints could only be defined using the Source Code panel.

Performance and Architecture

Executed on Node.js:

Executed from web/React components:

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Deprecated Features

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Change Log

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