EDG 7.0 Release

TopBraid EDG version 7.0 delivers a modernized architecture and deployment process. This change in architecture allows for support of Tomcat 9 and Java 11. EDG 7.0 has added support for working with files and developing scripts directly from the EDG UI.

TopBraid EDG 7.0 also delivers a number of improvements to ontology development, editing of data, support for making changes across asset collections, localization and other capabilities.  A new browser plugin for Chrome is being offered in this release with the goal to enable semantically enriched web browsing. These new features are described in more detail below. Additional improvements and their associated ticket numbers can be found in the change-log to the right.

The migration and new deployment instructions need to be followed for this release – see details in the Migration and Upgrades on the right.

Key Improvements of 7.0

Modernized architecture and deployment process

Support for Files As an Asset Collection Type

Ontology Development Improvements

Support for Making Changes Across Asset Collections

General Usability Improvements

Improved Support for Localization

Report for Imports

Workflow Related Improvements

Semantically Enriched Browsing Powered by TopBraid EDG

EDG 7.0.4

Improvements and bug fixes for 7.0.3

Improvements and bug fixes for 7.0.2

Improvements and bug fixes for 7.0.1

Deprecated Features

Known issues

Change Log

TopBraid Suite 7.0.4 Change Log

Change Log TopBraid Suite 7.0.3

TopBraid Suite Change Log 7.0.2


Migrations and Upgrades

Migration for SAML SSO 7.0.3

Migration List

Upgrade to 7.0


7.0 Documentation

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