Comprehensive, packaged data governance solutions make it possible for you to manage a complete range of assets and use cases.

Best-Fit Data Governance

We recognize that in ramping up a data governance program, different organizations may have differing priorities and starting points. With TopBraid EDG, you can start incrementally.

For example, you may start using EDG for just business glossaries or reference data or you may first focus on metadata management. After the initial start, you can extend your scope to governing other assets when you are ready to do so.

To support this comprehensive but staged approach, TopBraid EDG provides focused packages, available for use as an initial configuration of EDG. Each package can be used on its own or in any combination with the other packages toward your targeted scope of information governance. Further, several add-on modules are available to extend the use of TopBraid EDG even more.

TopBraid EDG Packages

TopBraid EDG Asset Collection Types

TopBraid EDG includes an operational Governance Model as part of all packages. The Governance Model lets you define your organization’s governance charter, governance/subject areas and domains, organizational structure (roles, users) policies, workflows, metrics, dashboards, and other governance assets.

TopBraid EDG is a model-driven solution. All packages include support for ontology models. Other collection types are package and/or module specific.

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