Webinar: Five Key Considerations for Managing Complex Taxonomies
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Metadata Management (TopBraid EDG-MM)

TopBraid EDG collects metadata from all data integration environments, creating a Knowledge Graph that provides the visibility, control and intelligence needed to manage change, build connections across metadata silos, reduce errors and ensure data consistency

Understand Your Data

Connect data silos and trace data lineage across all business systems

Improve Business Decisions

Minimize chances of costly errors associated with manual, ad hoc processes and misinterpretation

Increase Productivity

Through understanding the impact of proposed data changes and enabling collaboration between business and technical stakeholders

Metadata Management Resources

Product Video
Overview of Ontology Modeling in TopBraid EDG
This is a longer, more advanced video targeted to users that already have some experience working with ontologies and Semantic Web standards.
Metadata Management
Case Study
Asset Management for Engineering and Design
A national transport infrastructure agency needed to improve the management of organization-wide data. Learn why they used TopQuadrant’s TopBraid EDG.
Metadata Management
Case Study
Financial Services
Managing Metadata to Leverage Data Governance and Sourcing
In this case study, an investment firm used TopBraid EDG to provide businesses with better and timelier access to information about data use.
Metadata Management
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