FEA Ontology Modeling

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FEA Ontology Modeling

This white paper describes the design of and the deployment options for the Federal EnterpriseArchitecture Reference Ontology Models (FEA RMO). The work of representing the FEA as formalontologies was funded in part by GSA.1This white paper outlines the work to date towards formalizing the FEA RMO. Five models have beenencoded in OWL (W3C standard Web Ontology Language). The models have been built with thefollowing three design points in mind:

– Using FEA RMO as a way to provide “line of sight” support, drawing on all the models

– Using FEA RMO as a way to merge and query FEA related data (i.e., agencies’ exhibit 300submissions and agencies’ enterprise architectures

– Using FEA RMO as a way to provide an assessment of the FEA models


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