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TopBraid Composer, sample data, and sample workflow templates can be downloaded directly from this page.

Customers of TopBraid EDG can download the current release from the download link provided upon purchase. Please open a ticket to support if you are having trouble locating that information.

TopBraid EDG and Composer Maestro Edition are currently on version 6.4.3 for current release and 7.0 for Beta release.

6.4 Release notes

7.0 Beta Release Notes

Asset Collection Samples

Latest Release v6.4

6.4 Samples download: EDG-SAMPLES6.4

Installation instructions:

6.3 Samples download:EDG-SAMPLES 6.3

6.1, 6.2 Samples download:


TopBraid Composer Maestro Edition

Release v6.4.3 – Release Notes

Release 7.0 beta – Release Notes

Installation dependencies

TopBraid Composer Standard and Free Editions

This product is discontinued and no longer supported. New users should download TBC-ME. We recommend existing users to migrate to TBC-ME. For information on migration options please contact

Latest Release TBCSE 6.1.1
Latest Release TBCFE 6.0.1


Workflow Templates

Workflow Templates for EDG version 6.3 and 6.4

Download and rename to .ttl: Workflows6.3

Workflow Templates for EDG version 6.1, 6.2

Download and rename to .ttl: workflows6.2