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TopBraid Composer Maestro Edition™
Ready to build powerful semantic web and Linked Data applications for your enterprise? Let's get to work.

TopBraid Composer™ Maestro Edition (TBC-ME) combines world’s leading semantic web modeling capabilities with the most comprehensive data conversion options and a powerful Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for building semantic web and Linked Data applications.

  • TBC-ME includes all capabilities of the Standard Edition plus:

    • A more comprehensive collection of data source adaptors including import of:
      • XML and XML Schemas
      • Spreadsheets as Semantic Tables
      • Emails
      • Extended support for working with Microdata and RDFa.
    • Automated generation of XML that corresponds to the imported schemas
    • Localhost Jetty web server for testing web services and applications.
    • SPARQL Endpoint running on the localhost server
    • Several pre-built web services for read-write interaction with RDF models and data:
      • Template – used to call any globally registered SPIN SELECT template as a REST service. This is comparable to a SPARQL endpoint, but allows SPIN developers to hide the details of a SPARQL query from the services’ user.
      • Search – used to search for instances of a given class that match certain filter conditions.
      • Edit – used to perform changes (updates) to an RDF graph managed by TopBraid.
      • Describe, getResource, putResource.
    • IDE (graphical designers, debuggers, profilers) for all TopBraid application development tools:
    • Administration and customization of all TopBraid products such as TopBraid EVN.

  • TopBraid Composer Maestro Edition is used to develop ontology models, configure data source integration, and create semantic web services and user interfaces. Extensive Help is provided within the tool covering the following topics:

    • Editing Ontologies and RDF Data
    • Developing Semantic Web Applications
    • TopBraid Live Integration
    • Application Development Tools
    • Importing Data Sources
    • Exporting Data Sources
    • Working with Data Back Ends
    • Working with XML and Table files
    • Developing Web Data (Microdata, RDFa)
    • RDF and TopBraid
    • TopBraid Enterprise Vocabulary Net (EVN)
    • Extending TopBraid products
    • Data Integration

    Once applications are designed with TBC-ME and its Personal Server (localhost), you can deploy them with a click of a button to the Enterprise Server for full Internet and Intranet access.

    TBC-ME is available for a 30-day trial; see the Download link at the top of the page.

Video: Introduction to TopBraid Composer

This video will help a new user to get started with TBC. It provides a brief introduction to its user interface and basic features.

Tutorial: Creating a simple web service with SPARQLMotion

SPARQLMotion is a visual scripting language and an engine for semantic data processing. Scripts implementing sophisticated data services and processing such as queries, data transformations and mashups can be quickly assembled with TBC-ME using drag and drop graphical tools. Learn more >>

Video: Importing arbitrary XML files with TBC-ME

This screencam demo shows how to import an XML file using TBC-ME, runs a SPARQL query over the XML data and performs other transformations. Finally, an HTML file is imported to OWL. View >>
Note that this video uses the old term 'xma'p for what we now call Semantic XML.

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