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TopQuadrant is a Gold Sponsor, exhibitor and is giving talks, including Data Governance Preparedness for Reference Data Management at the Data Quality & Information Quality 2015 Conference, June 8-12, 2015, San Diego, CA.

TopQuadrant was a Silver Sponsor, exhibitor and gave a talk at the Enterprise Data World 2015 Conference, March 29-April 3, Wash., DC.

On March 18th, conducted this informative webcast: “The Foundations of Successful Reference Data Management.” Visit the TopQuadrant Webinars page to access a recording and other assets from the webcast.

Semantic Web veteran Richard Cyganiak has joined TopQuadrant to further the company’s commitment to helping organizations realize the business value of Semantic Web technology and linked data. See press release.

View our Webcast featuring one of Syngenta’s Lead Data Scientists:recording from: “Semantic Data Virtualization: Extracting More Value from Data Silos”, July 10, 2014.

On January 24, 2014 Mayo Clinic announced that its main website went live with enhanced access to relevant content and navigation powered by TopBraid Enterprise Vocabulary Net and TopBraid Live.

Semantic Ecosystem

Create a semantic ecosystem—evolve from disparate data to actionable knowledge.

TopQuadrant’s solutions empower people by providing them with connected, business-relevant information—an ecosystem of actionable knowledge. Using TopQuadrant’s TopBraid solutions, organizations transform diverse information into semantic assets.

Find out how TopQuadrant can help link your information assets to create a semantic ecosystem where meaningful interactions between people, applications and data occur consistently with a speed, accuracy and intelligence previously not possible.

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Big Data

TopQuadrant solutions solve the most perplexing problem of Big Data – variety. The Institute of International Analytics reported in Big-Data-in-Big-Companies-Executive-Summary, that big companies' biggest problem is with data variety. The W3C standards that underlie TopQuadrant's TopBraid platform and solutions provide an excellent basis for a strategy to take advantage of dynamic aggregation of disparate data sources.

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