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Semantic data products

Control and empower critically important sets of data, improving the findability, accessibility, interoperability and reuse of the data that powers your business operations.

Semantic building blocks of controlled vocabularies – relatively small but important sets of data – can have an outsized impact on your operations and need strong controls and consistency brought to them. They often are reused in myriad ways by other systems and processes.

TopBraid EDG provides unmatched flexibility and power to curate individual vocabularies, such as via an RDF knowledge graph approach. More important, TopBraid EDG can manage and harmonize multiple vocabularies scattered across spreadsheets, applications and modelling tools.

TopBraid EDG’s knowledge graph approach is a flexible, web-based system that supports business stakeholders who need to collaborate on defining, linking and using enterprise vocabularies (such as taxonomies, business glossaries and ontologies) required to integrate content sources, comply with regulations, enhance navigation and search.

These harmonized, controlled vocabularies can also be used as foundations for further metadata management initiatives and in creating semantic applications.

Vocabulary Management Resources

Product Video
Searching within an Asset Collection in TopBraid EDG (Using Taxonomy as an Example)
This video explores free text and parametric search capabilities within an asset collection.
Vocabulary Management
Product Video
SKOS XL Taxonomies in TopBraid EDG
This video introduces you to using SKOS-XL (SKOS Extension for Labels) in TopBraid EDG. SKOS-XL lets you treat labels as independent resources.
Vocabulary Management
Product Video
Working with Modular Taxonomies in TopBraid EDG
In this video you will learn how to create and re-use modular taxonomies. TopBraid EDG lets you easily combine and build connections between them.
Vocabulary Management
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