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Vocabulary Management (EDG-VM) improves search, enhances content navigation and aligns the meaning of data across data sources.

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TopBraid EDG-VM makes it possible to turn silos of unstructured big data into smart data — linked and ready to use in business decisions. Using metadata, it enables content- centric workflows and lifecycle governance of sensitive information.

Better, more relevant search and content navigation

Business vocabularies enable faceted and context-sensitive search, automated linking to related and topic pages, and other tools for creating an exceptional user experience within search and content management applications.

Business vocabularies as an integral part of information management

Beyond providing a rich set of vocabulary management capabilities, TopBraid EDG-VM focuses on the modularity and connectivity of vocabulary assets. By supporting a network of related vocabularies, TopBraid EDG-VM helps enterprises resolve the tension between the desire for a single, centralized, master vocabulary system and the need to manage vocabularies in a context-specific, distributed manner.

Vocabulary Management Resources

Case Study
Unifying Data Silos to Integrate Knowledge Delivery
Learn how Healthwise used TopBraid Enterprise Data Governance–Vocabulary Management (EDG–VM) to create a unified knowledge graph across domains.
Vocabulary Management
Best Approaches for Using and Extending FIBO Vocabulary
Step by step examples for working with and evolving FIBO Vocabulary. Includes analysis of different option and a download file for the recommended app
Vocabulary Management
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