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Upcoming Webinar

Thursday, November 2nd @ 10:00 EDT

Virtual Construction (V-Con) and TopBraid CDE – a linked data/semantic asset management solution

This webinar is based on a pre-commercial development driven by an EU R&D project and the Dutch and Swedish National Road Authorities who procures road infrastructure design, construction, operation and/or maintenance from different construction companies. The Virtual Construction (V-Con) solution needed to support the Linked Data/Semantic approach and open information exchange/sharing between different stakeholders using various software solutions, tools and standards during the various life-cycle stages. These tools and standards must concern areas such as Building Information Modelling (BIM), Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Systems Engineering (SE) data.

The TopQuadrant pre-commercial solution we built is tentatively called TopBraid Common Data Environment (CDE), based on the CDE concept found in industry BIM specifications. The strategy with TopBraid CDE is that it is configurable for different industries, with Roads/Infrastructure being the first. However, it can be tailored for use in the Oil and Gas industry, for example, based on the ISO 15926 series of standards.

As part of the V-Con project a series of test scenarios including test case datasets were provided. We will demonstrate TopBraid CDE solution and show a few key aspects of those scenarios including:

  • Handling data from multiple disciplines in multiple formats
  • Creating and managing links between data from different disciplines
  • The use of inferencing, rules and data constraints on that data
  • 3D visualisation of BIM data with links to other disciplines

Who Should Attend: Engineering and Building and Construction Project and Program Managers, Road Network Asset Managers, Building and Construction Asset Managers, Infrastructure Project Asset Managers, Infrastructure System Architects, Engineering Asset Owners, Chief Data Officers, Chief Information Officers, BIM users, IFC users, GIS users, CityGML users, buildingSmart members, Open Geospatial Consortium members, Fiatech members.

More on the Speakers:

David Price

David Price
David Price has 30 years experience in software and engineering data management as an IBM Senior Software Engineer, Eurostep Principle Consultant and now as Managing Director and Consultant at TopQuadrant Limited, the UK subsidiary of TopQuadrant Inc. David has experience in creating and applying standards to government and industry problems in the computing, oil and gas,aerospace and defense industries.

At TopQuadrant, David led our two-year participation in an EU Pre-Commercial R&D project in the Roads/Infrastructure industry called Virtual Construction (V-Con), leads our SaaS delivery of an Oil and Gas reporting semantic application, and has provided research and professional services to NASA, US NIST, a major agribusinesses company and a defense industry consortium on asset management.

At IBM David led a team providing software support and application development for 300 mechanical engineers in a lab, worked in IBM Corporate Design Practices on database applications for mechanical engineers, worked in IBM Enterprise Integration with a focus on engineering data standards and modeling languages leading numerous projects in an industry consortium and in the ISO community, and worked with the IBM Consulting Group on various engineering data management engagements in the Oil and Gas and Aerospace industries.


David Price

David Price
As a Managing Director at TopQuadrant UK, David brings extensive experience in asset management software across several industries including government, oil and gas, and Aerospace.

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