TopBraid Enterprise Vocabulary Net Training


TopBraid Enterprise Vocabulary Net Training

Using and Administering TopBraid Enterprise Vocabulary Net (TopBraid EVN)

TopQuadrant’s four-day TopBraid EVN training program was designed to meet the needs of a wide range of EVN users, administrators, and developers.
(Note: This training is only conducted at customer sites, customized customer’s needs.)

Typical end users who manage vocabularies will only need to attend Day 1, which will teach them everything they need to create and maintain vocabularies and ontologies.

On Days 2 – 4, system administrators and developers integrating EVN with other systems will learn the following topics and more:

  • EVN Installation

  • Integrating with authentication systems such as LDAP

  • Server administration

  • Using TopBraid Composer as an IDE for TopBraid EVN configuration and customization

  • The SPARQL query language

  • Data migration and loading

  • Defining data quality rules

  • Developing and using web services with TopBraid EVN

  • Troubleshooting

After you staff takes this course, they’ll be ready to take full advantage of everything that TopBraid EVN can offer.

TopBraid EVN for End Users: One-day Introduction

  • What TopBraid EVN Can Do for You?

  • Navigation and Searching

  • Editing

  • Workflow and EVN Working Copies

  • Reports

  • Creating Taxonomies, Ontologies, Crosswalks and Content Tagsets

  • EVN and Semantic Technology Standards

  • Editing Ontologies and Taxonomies

Day 2: TopBraid EVN Server Administration

  • TopBraid EVN Tagger

  • Overview of TopBraid EVN Administration

  • TopBraid EVN installation

  • Authentication and Users

  • TopBraid EVN Server Administration

  • Server Maintenance Issues

  • Troubleshooting TopBraid EVN

Day 3: TopBraid EVN Deployment and Configuration

  • Deployment of TopBraid EVN Solutions

  • TopBraid EVN Architecture and Services

  • TopBraid Composer-ME as the IDE for TopBraid EVN Configuration/Customization

  • Reproducing TopBraid EVN server Environments in TBC-ME

  • SPARQL – an introduction and overview to querying RDF graphs

  • TopBraid EVN Data Migration and Loading

Day 4: TopBraid EVN Data Migration and Customization

  • Data Quality Rules for TopBraid EVN

  • Event-Condition-Action Rules

  • Developing EVN Services

  • Sharepoint Integration with EVN

  • TopBraid EVN User Interface Customizations

  • Troubleshooting with TopBraid Composer-ME

  • Summary of TopBraid Enterprise Vocabulary Net