TopBraid EDG Training

A training program designed to meet the needs of a wide range of EDG users and administrators

Conducted at customer sites, customized to meet customer’s requirements

Typical end users who are data stewards, enterprise architects, maintainers of business glossaries and taxonomies will only need to attend Days 1 – 2, which will teach them everything they need to perform their day to day activities. The duration of this part of the training depends on the number and type of EDG packages used by an organization.

Days 3 – 4 are targeted to system administrators and power users responsible for configuring EDG.:

TopBraid EDG for End Users: Introduction
Days 1 and 2 Agenda

  • What TopBraid EDG Can Do for You?
  • Asset Collection Types
  • Navigation and Searching
  • Editing
  • Workflow and EDG Working Copies
  • Importing and Exporting Data
  • Reports
  • Publishing to TopBraid Explorer
  • Package-specific Training topics


After you staff takes this course, they’ll be ready to take full advantage of everything that TopBraid EDG can offer.

Day 3: TopBraid EDG Server Administration

  • Overview of TopBraid EDG Administration
  • TopBraid EDG installation
  • Authentication and Users
  • TopBraid EDG Server Administration
  • Server Maintenance Issues
  • Troubleshooting TopBraid EDG

Day 4: TopBraid EDG Deployment and Configuration

  • Deployment of TopBraid EDG Solutions
  • TopBraid EDG Model Architectures
  • Configuring Asset Collections, Assets and Search
  • Data Quality Rules for TopBraid EDG
  • TopBraid EDG Application Architecture and Services
  • TopBraid Composer-ME as the IDE
  • TopBraid EDG SPARQL endpoint and web services

Developers responsible for performing deeper customizations and integrating EDG with other systems should take the TopBraid Technology Training modules.