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Intro to Semantic Technologies and TopBraid Composer as an IDE

TopBraid Composer is an IDE (Interactive Development Environment) for TopBraid solutions

Want to learn about the Semantic Web technologies and Linked Data? How the standards work? How these emerging technologies can add value to your business? How companies in different industry sectors are taking advantage of them? How can you put them to work in your organization?

Let experts from TopQuadrant provide you with the necessary insights and skills. This proven training class is a three-day program covering progressive modules that emphasize interactive participation, hands-on exercises, exploration and evaluation of the technology and its capabilities and applications:

  • Day 1 Morning provides an executive overview of the business advantages of semantic technologies and the standards, discusses use cases and explores case studies.

  • Day 1 Afternoon and Day 2 teach you to use the semantic standards and languages for modeling and querying. You'll create, integrate, and query data, with plenty of in-class exercises.

  • Day 3 builds on the knowledge gained in days 1 and 2 by exploring SPARQL-based technologies for application development and data integration – SPIN, SPARQLMotion and SWP, as well as providing practical guidance on the application architecture and design patterns.

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