Alexandria, Virginia – May 27, 2010 The keynote address at the June 23rd opening the 2010 Semantic Technology Conference in San Francisco will be co-delivered by TopQuadrant’s Chief Scientist Dean Allemang and Professor Jim Hendler of TopQuadrant’s Board of Advisors. The talk’s title, Semantic Web for the Working Enterprise, echoes the popular guidebook for Semantic Web practitioners that the pair coauthored: Semantic Web for the Working Ontologist.

The theme of their talk will be of keen interest to anyone paying close attention to the strategic impact of Semantic Web technology. As Dean and Jim will show, Semantic Web solutions aren’t just a better way to solve certain information management problems; a Semantic Web approach is an essential part of a successful enterprise data strategy, smoothly connecting intranet with internet in a global knowledge economy.

As part of the TopQuadrant team since 2002, Dean has been evangelizing, evaluating, educating and mentoring people on the foundations and practical application of Semantic Web technology to deliver value within enterprises. Jim has been at the forefront of forging and guiding the Semantic Web vision since its DARPA beginnings, through the W3C Recommendation process, to today providing leadership for several companies, universities, and governments.

SemTech 2010 brings them together for the first time since the publication of Working Ontologist to provide insight into the impact of the Semantic Web on enterprises today. The combination of their collective thought leadership and extensive experience is sure to provide for an insightful and entertaining talk.

Other presentations by TopQuadrant staff include:

  • Bob DuCharme, Semantic Solutions Architect at TopQuadrant (and blogger extraordinaire), will kick off a key industry application track, “Semantics in Publishing,” with the talk Semantic Web Technology and the Publishing World: What Can They Offer Each Other?
  • Ralph Hodgson, CTO and co-founder of TopQuadrant, will facilitate a face-to-face meeting on Building User Interfaces for Semantic Web Applications. The session will bring together practitioners to explore user interface generation frameworks for displaying and exploring linked data and to evaluate which work well in the real world.
  • Dean Allemang’s presentation Change Impact Analysis: A Semantic Model-driven Approach will demonstrate a change management method for business information models that TopQuadrant has developed.
  • Finally, TopQuadrant invites all to roll up your sleeves and build a real semantic application that integrates government data from several open sources at the tutorial Building Semantic Web Applications for Government—Using TopBraid Suite. This timely tutorial complements the conference application track Semantics for Open Government. And, it coincides with the impressive anniversary update and announcements from confirming the US government’s commitment to be in the vanguard in use of Semantic Web technology and that 272,677 datasets comprised of more than 6.4 billion triples of open government data are now available to the community!

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