STAVANGER, NORWAY and ALEXANDRIA, VA, USA – August 9, 2011 – EPIM recently announced the award of its multi-year ReportingHub contract to TopQuadrant, a leading semantic data integration company. For the past four years, EPIM has been working with the industry solving its problem of collecting, normalizing, validating, analyzing and reporting data about activities of the North Sea oil and gas drillers. Through its multiyear analysis of available technologies and a competitive procurement process, it chose TopQuadrant’s TopBraid solution because of its ability to combine and semantically align large amounts of disparate, changing data in an intelligent, flexible and efficient way.

Comments Ove Ryland, Executive Director, EPIM: “TopQuadrant offers scalable data integration and reporting solutions that support end-to-end systems for the oil and gas industry. Working with EPIM, TopQuadrant will develop a new reporting system that will provide flexibility to meet current and future information sharing needs of the NCS operators and authorities.”

To realize the full potential of the information about $40bn worth of petroleum produced annually on the NCS, EPIM envisioned the ReportingHub as standards based information-exchange solution. It will utilize Semantic Web standards for storing, querying and analyzing exploration and production data, and the ISO 15926 standard as a foundation for sharing information about life-cycle activities and processes of the production facilities. The development of the ReportingHub will be done in several phases. Phase I will deliver an improved, consistent way to exchange information about daily drilling and daily and monthly production activities on the NCS.

“ReportingHub is a long term, strategic investment and commitment of EPIM to better support its member companies. It is a semantic and industry standards-based approach that will be implemented within a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and provided and operated as a Software as a Service (SaaS)”, says Thore Langeland, Project Manager ReportingHub. “In addition to streamlining collecting and processing drilling and production data, it is anticipated that future phases of ReportingHub may include additional data sets such as monthly economic reporting, yearly environment report, yearly reports to Statistics Norway, yearly reports to oil and gas producers and other capabilities.”

Irene Polikoff, CEO, TopQuadrant states: “We are pleased and excited about this opportunity to work with EPIM, its operators and partners. TopQuadrant’s TopBraid was designed to solve complex data integration problems in accordance with accepted standards. We are complementing our TopBraid semantic processing platform, our experience implementing model-driven solutions and ISO 15926 expertise by partnering with Franz to provide its AllegroGraph® RDFStore and Logica, established provider of EPIM’s License2Share solution, to offer local hosting and support services for ReportingHub.”

EPIM utilizes and makes available IT solutions that facilitate the best possible flow of information between any and all of its users, these being relevant authorities and licensees in exploration, production and transport licenses on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. Participants are operators of exploration permits, production and transport licenses and of joint ventures involved in activities on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. More information is available at

TopQuadrant was established in 2001 with the mission to make frictionless data possible with data flowing freely between systems as desired and when appropriate. TopQuadrant’s W3C standards compliant semantic web solutions, which incorporate SPIN, SPARQLMotion, SPARQL Web Pages and Semantic XML, enable enterprises to master the challenges of the global marketplace with agile, cost effective business processes that easily adapt to change. The company’s customers include Fortune 1000 corporations in retail, pharmaceutical, financial services, telephony, media and content providers, medical/healthcare, manufacturing and energy industries as well as government agencies in the areas of defense, intelligence, justice and aerospace. For more information, visit