RALEIGH, NC – December 18, 2014 – TopQuadrant™, a leading enterprise metadata and semantic data integration company, today announced the release of version 4.6 of TopBraid Suite, a collection of web-based solutions that simplify the development and management of standards-based, model-driven solutions for enterprise taxonomy, ontology and metadata management, reference data governance, and data virtualization.

With today’s TopBraid Suite 4.6 release, TopQuadrant is including the initial release of its reference data management solution TopBraid Reference Data Manager (TopBraid RDM). Reference data has a major impact on everything from the integrity of business intelligence reports to the success or failure of system integration efforts. TopBraid RDM enhances governance of reference data storage and distribution with the addition of relevant and easily accessible metadata. This allows business users to make better informed decisions based on reference data by bringing consistency and accuracy across multiple systems.

“This latest release builds on our commitment to simplify the management of enterprise metadata and data in order to enhance the value they bring to all types of organizations,” said Irene Polikoff, CEO and co-founder of TopQuadrant. “That commitment has led to the development of our latest solution, TopBraid Reference Data Manager. It simplifies the management and distribution of reference data within organizations with a simple point-and-click, forms-based interface. By putting the management of reference data in the hands of the business user, this solution will help our customers better succeed in today’s data-driven world.”

In addition to the launch of TopBraid RDM, the latest release includes new capabilities for TopBraid Enterprise Vocabulary Network (TopBraid EVN) TopBraid Insight, and the TopBraid Platform, including new SPARQLMotion and SPARQL Web Pages, and SPARQL Web Pages Application Components improvements.

TopBraid EVN supports business stakeholders who need to collaborate on defining and linking enterprise vocabularies, taxonomies and metadata used for information sharing, data integration and search. New features of TopBraid EVN 4.6 include:

  • Improved user interface with navigation pages redesigned using tabs and more icons.
  • Enhanced collaboration, knowledge capture and change tracking, including multiple enhancements for importing vocabularies from spreadsheets.
  • Search enhancements such as the ability to search and browse for vocabularies based on their metadata.

To learn more and view a comprehensive list of capabilities for TopBraid Release 4.6, please visit the TopBraid 4.6 Release Notes.

About TopQuadrant

TopQuadrant’s standards-based solutions enable organizations to evolve their information infrastructure into a semantic ecosystem, the foundation for intelligent business capabilities and integrated big data. As a result, data can be organized, shared and exchanged regardless of its structure, origin or location. TopBraid Enterprise Vocabulary Net™ supports collaborative management of enterprise metadata, models, business glossaries and taxonomies used in search, content navigation and data integration. TopBraid Reference Data Manager™ supports the governance and provisioning of reference data, including the enrichment of reference datasets (code lists) with comprehensive metadata. TopBraid Insight™ is a semantic virtual data warehouse that enables federated querying of data across diverse data sources as if they were in one place. TopQuadrant customers include many government agencies and Fortune 1000 companies in numerous industries including pharmaceutical, financial services, energy and digital media. For more information, visit http://www.topquadrant.com

Kristi Lee-John