RALEIGH, NC – August 20, 2014 – TopQuadrant™, a leading semantic data integration company, today announced the release of version 4.5 of TopBraid Suite, a collection of webbased solutions that simplify the development and management of standards-based, modeldriven solutions for enterprise taxonomy and ontology management, metadata and reference data governance, and data virtualization. The latest release includes new capabilities for TopBraid Enterprise Vocabulary Network (TB-EVN), TopBraid Insight (TBI), and the TopBraid Platform. It also adds a number of key application development technology improvements.

TB-EVN also saw many enhancements that were inspired by customers who have tailored and integrated the vocabulary management solution into their enterprise solution infrastructures.

“The TopBraid 4.5 Release delivers to customers enhanced flexibility to meet their requirements for more capable and connected, semantic model-driven solutions,” said Irene Polikoff, CEO and co-founder of TopQuadrant.

TopBraid EVN supports business stakeholders who need to collaborate on defining and linking enterprise vocabularies, taxonomies and metadata used for information sharing, data integration and search. New features of TopBraid EVN 4.5 include:

  • Improved Configurability: For EVN Ontology Editor, a form builder allows browser window management, enabling users to open multiple view forms, open tree and chart windows, and resize them.
  • Collaborative Workflow: With EVN Vocabulary Explorer, a broader community can comment on published vocabularies.
  • Enhanced Audit Trails: Changes resulting from import of files and comments are captured immediately upon saving.
  • Improved Search Form: Search on cardinalities, regular expressions, aggregates in the search counts and charting of results are now enabled.
  • Label Management: Ability to manage labels as independent resources; supports use cases where metadata is required on labels (SKOS-XL).

To learn more and view a comprehensive list of capabilities for TopBraid Suite 4.5, please visit the TopBraid 4.5 Release Notes.

About TopQuadrant

Founded in 2001, TopQuadrant’s standards-based, out-of-the box solutions enable organizations to evolve their information infrastructure into a semantic ecosystem, which is the foundation for intelligent business capabilities and integrated big data. As a result, data can be organized, shared and exchanged regardless of its structure, origin or location. For digital media companies, TopQuadrant solutions enrich search, facilitate metadata management and improve content monetization. For life sciences companies, TopQuadrant solutions accelerate research by providing a unified view of multiple data sources. For more information, visit http://www.topquadrant.com.

Kristi Lee-John