TopQuadrant is a Silver Sponsor and giving a key talk at Semantic Days 2014 to be held on May 20-21 in Stavanger, Norway.

TopQuadrant’s Co-Founder/Executive VP and Director of TopBraid Technologies, Ralph Hodgson, will be presenting “Enabling a Semantic Ecosystem for O&G: An Alliance of SPARQL and ISO 15926” at 2:00 PM on May 20th.

The Semantic Days conference is an industry meeting place, bringing together thought leaders in the Oil and Gas industry, public sector, research and educational institutions to discuss a range of topics including semantic standards, big data, and asset management.  Ongoing projects and new IT solutions within semantics and big data will be presented with the theme that semantic technology is becoming more mature and many excellent solutions are available for the offshore industry. Four important organizations; Fiatech, MIMOSA, OPC Foundations, PCA participate in the conference.

They collaborate on common standardized solutions for the oil and gas industry within exploration, development projects, production, operations & maintenance, and logistics.

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