SEMANTIC TECHNOLOGY CONFERENCE 2009 – SAN JOSE, Calif. – June 16, 2009 – TopQuadrant™, the global leader in Semantic Web application development technology, today announced TopBraid™ Enterprise Vocabulary Management Solution (EVMS) to help organizations connect data vocabulary assets in a modular fashion. TopBraid EVMS leverages W3C Semantic Web standards such as RDF, SPARQL and SKOS to construct a dynamic web of terminology, ultimately improving data quality and cohesiveness, resulting in better utilization of all information assets.

Most enterprises aim for a single, centralized master vocabulary system to create intuitive and understandable connections between data. But the reality is that enterprise vocabularies are managed in a disconnected, distributed manner – typically within spreadsheets and on individual user desktops. Even when enterprise systems include vocabulary capabilities, the result is a host of disconnected vocabularies – which subverts the value of a controlled vocabulary.

By leveraging Semantic Web technology, TopBraid EVMS applies the modularity and extensibility of the Web to vocabulary management. Instead of requiring everyone within an enterprise ecosystem to standardize on all the terms, TopBraid EVMS uses web-standard Uniform Resource Identifiers (URIs) to uniquely identify each concept. Each URI may be mapped to various terms used by the different groups of people to describe the same concept. This modular approach enables a sustainable, shared and distributed vocabulary management web.

“Information is becoming a product for many organizations,” said Irene Polikoff, co-founder and CEO of TopQuadrant. “Vocabularies are used to communicate and integrate data across the supply chain and standardize the publication of company information to external partners and customers. But if companies cannot effectively manage reference terms across the organization, information navigation becomes disjointed and results in poor information quality and faulty communication. This directly impacts productivity, quality of customer service, competitiveness and, ultimately, revenues.”

TopBraid EVMS offers simplified development and management of controlled vocabularies. Content owners create relationships between terminology elements that are recorded as hyperlinks on the World Wide Web. Connections that previously had to be accomplished with custom software are easily described in a standard, declarative format. TopBraid EVMS provides flexible, customizable approaches for managing taxonomies and business vocabularies to support data integration, search, navigation, content delivery and data analysis.

The following capabilities are available out-of-the-box with TopBraid EVMS:

  • Vocabulary Processing: Standard hierarchical, associative and equivalency relationships; repositioning and numbering of terms; crosswalk mapping and graph capabilities.
  • Automatic Processing: Ability to create validation rules and automated script processing via SPIN and SPARQLMotion.
  • Import/Export: Import/Export from RDBMS, RDF Store, SPARQL endpoints, spreadsheets (CSV), XML, RDF, SKOS and OWL.
  • Merging: RDF standard universal identifiers provide easy “hooks” for merging vocabularies.
  • Systems Integration: Integrate with existing enterprise or vocabulary management systems via web services or APIs.

TopBraid EVMS customers receive specialized models for taxonomy development, governance and version control. The solution also includes SPIN Rules and SPARQLMotion scripts for key vocabulary management functionality, such as approval workflows and commonly used editing activities. TopBraidLive server and TopBraid Ensemble licenses are included in the solution along with TopBraid Ensemble web application templates that are optimized for vocabulary development.

About TopBraid Suite

TopBraid Suite™ supports the complete semantic application development lifecycle. Users can rapidly assemble, deploy and manage dynamic ontology-driven applications built with the W3C SemanticWeb standards, including RDF/S, OWL and SPARQL. The suite includes TopBraid Composer, a Semantic Web modeling and application development environment; TopBraid Composer Maestro Edition™, an extended version of Composer with additional capabilities such as SPARQLMotion for editing and executing visual data processing scripts and SPIN for modeling relationships among data (e.g., business rules, data quality constraints); TopBraid Live™, an enterprise Semantic Web application platform; and TopBraid Ensemble™, a Semantic Web application assembly toolkit.

About TopQuadrant

TopQuadrant is the global leader in Semantic Web application development technology, solution services and training programs. Established in 2001 with the mission to enable enterprises to be agile through practical application of Semantic Web technologies, TopQuadrant offers TopBraid Suite, the only Semantic Web platform with a graphical application assembly toolkit and end-user customizable tools to discover, explore and visualize relevant data without programming. TopQuadrant’s Semantic Web applications enable enterprises to master the challenges of the global marketplace by becoming more agile, reducing costs and creating competitive business processes that easily adapt to change. The company’s customers include Fortune 1000 corporations in retail, pharmaceutical, financial services, medical/healthcare, manufacturing, and energy industries as well as government agencies in the areas of defense, intelligence and airspace. For more information, visit