We are pleased to announce our partnership with Taxonic.  The relationship will allow both companies to deliver a complete solution platform for Linked Data.

Linked Data, a set of best practices developed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), offers a standards-based approach for describing rich and flexible data models for querying models and data alike. It enables a way to uniquely identify, connect and access data across many diverse sources. A growing number of standards-compliant products, such as TopQuadrant’s TopBraid Enterprise Vocabulary Net (TopBraid EVN) offer an interoperable alternative to using proprietary technologies that is much more ‘future-proof’ in terms of enabling unanticipated changes, additions and dynamic interconnections among data sources.

One of the important W3C standards for leveraging the power of Linked Data, SKOS, provides a common data model for sharing and linking knowledge organization systems via the Web. Recognizing the importance of SKOS for metadata management, Taxonic, as a representative of Platform Linked Data Nederland, has taken the initiative to get SKOS adopted on the Dutch “Comply or Explain List”. When the formal process, which is already in its final stages, will be completed successfully, it is expected that public sector organizations will pervasively implement the standard.

Given this focus, Taxonic in particular wants to offer the extensive capabilities of TopQuadrant’s TopBraid EVN, a flexible, web-based solution for managing business vocabularies that enable Linked Data principles. With the robust TopBraid platform and technologies such SPARQLMotion, SPIN and SPARQL Web Pages as their foundation, TopBraid products go beyond full support for SKOS and its extension SKOS-XL to provide capabilities for enterprise data integration, search and query federation.

Taxonic will be hosting a training offered by TopQuadrant in Taxonic’s headquarters in Utrecht on March 9-12, 2015. For a description of the content please visit TopBraid Platform and Tools Training. To register please visit the registration page.