About This Webinar

Aired Live on:  June 21 and 29, 2018

This Webinar will be presented live on two separate occassions to accomodate our global users. The Webinar will introduce the new GraphQL capabilities of TopBraid 6.0. GraphQL was designed by Facebook as an easy-to-use syntax for querying and updating data. GraphQL uses JSON and is increasingly popular as an alternative to REST for building web applications and exposing web APIs. It is enjoying a growing support across many tools and platforms. TopBraid 6.0 includes a ground-breaking implementation of GraphQL that combines the richness and flexibility of W3C semantic technology standards with the simplicity and elegance of GraphQL.

Who Should Attend: CTOs, Application, Data and Integration Architects, Data Managers, Software Developers, Users of GraphQL, Data Modelers, Ontologists, Linked Data or Semantic Technology Project and Program Managers

In this webinar you will learn how:

  • Every asset type defined in TopBraid EDG now has an out-of-the-box GraphQL API
  • TopBraid’s GraphQL implementation uses schema definitions (expressed in either SHACL or the GraphQL schema language) to generate rich GraphQL APIs for RDF data, with model-driven features to select, filter, aggregate, dynamically compute and page query results
  • Clients can use these features to describe the structure and semantics of the JSON data that they want to extract from RDF graphs, and then send back the produced JSON to perform updates on RDF graphs
  • SHACL constraints can be used to validate the GraphQL updates before they are applied
  • GraphQL can be used as a compact language for SHACL
  • Use of RDF and SHACL enriches GraphQL capabilities

The webinar will include interactive demos of the GraphQL capabilities for practitioners. Prior knowledge of RDF and graph databases is of advantage, while GraphQL and the required bits of SHACL will be introduced during the webinar. Background on the technology can be found at https://www.topquadrant.com/technology/graphql/

More on the Presenter:

Holger Knublauch

Dr. Holger Knublauch is a well known innovator and software developer in the Semantic Web community. He joined TopQuadrant in late 2006 to develop the next generation of Semantic Web tools and middleware. Holger leads the development of TopBraid Suite. In this role he created TopBraid Composer, made significant contributions to TopBraid EVN and EDG, and created a stack of RDF-based languages including SPIN, SPARQLMotion and SWP.

Based on his experiences with these languages, Holger served as the lead editor of the Shapes Constraint Language (SHACL) in a World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) working group. SHACL became an official W3C Recommendation in 2017 and is heavily influenced by SPIN.