TopBraid Live


TopBraid Live™ (TBL) is an intelligent business applications server. With TopBraid Live, you can quickly implement solutions that integrate data, content, application services and user interactions.


TopBraid Live server packages of TopBraid technologies stack. It lets customer leverage semantic technology standards to connect silos of data, systems and infrastructure and to build flexible applications from linked data models. TopBraid Live is based on the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) with the following layers of services:


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TopBraid Live supports the W3C’s semantic web standards (RDF, RDFS, SHACL, SPARQL and OWL) at each layer of its stack, making it a unique platform for enterprise Semantic Web and Linked Data applications. It’s open SOA-based architecture, highly capable application development tools and a powerful IDE offer an unprecedented ease for adding new services, including integration with third-party products and legacy systems.

All TopBraid server products use TopBraid Live as their foundation.

Key features and responsibilities of each of the TopBraid Services layer:

  • Provide out-of-the-box user interfaces for rendering semantic web data
  • Provide Entity Services
  • Enable querying via the SPARQL language, including SPARQL Endpoints
  • Enable querying via GraphQL
  • Provide scripting and execution of data processing pipelines for ETL and other operations
  • Integrate with enterprise applications, e.g. workflow engines and search engines
  • Provision out-of-the-box and customized web services
  • Define rules and constraints on information and data
  • Execute rules and constraints
  • Enable resource-centric web-services
  • Manage consolidation of graphs, temporary and persistent triple stores
  • Manage multiple model types and mappings across models
  • Generate SHACL models from OWL, GraphQL Schemas and data samples, Generate GraphQL Schemas from SHACL
  • Provide structured vocabularies services for disambiguation of terms
  • Provide services for mapping between concepts and locations
  • Generate sample data from SHACL models
  • Perform federated queries across multiple databases
  • Manage data source locations
  • Provide on-demand data access
  • Query via SPARQL and GraphQL
  • Access data via connectors for RDBMS, CMS, Excel, text, CSV, XML, GraphQL
  • Access data via SPARQL and GraphQL Endpoints including Linked Open Data
  • Extract indices on external data into local triple store
  • Redirect from persistent to actual location

Getting started with TopBraid Live is easy. You can be up and running in a few minutes by simply downloading TopBraid Composer Maestro Edition (TBC-ME).

TBC-ME, an IDE for all TopBraid products, includes a Personal Server, a localhost version of TopBraid Live. Enterprise Server is available as a separate download for licensed TopBraid Live users. Installing it requires setting up a J2EE server such as Tomcat. While you can begin developing applications by reading through the technical materials available on this site and consulting the Help facility in TopBraid Composer, for best results we recommend taking TopBraid Platform and Tools training.

Both, localhost and Enterprise version build on the TopBraid Live Platform, as shown in this figure:

TopBraid Live Personal Server localhost TopBraid Live Enterprise Server Web server
TopBraid Composer Maestro Edition TopBraid Live
Eclipse Jetty Tomcat
TopBraid Live Platform RDF/RDFS/OWL,SPARQL,import/export,SPIN,SPARQLMotion
TopBraid Live Enterprise Server

TopBraid Live Enterprise Edition provides full Internet or intranet access to the applications that you develop with the TopBraid Suite. Enterprise Server is deployed on a web container, such as Tomcat, and supports multi-user access from distributed clients.

Users and services can access Enterprise Server installations through web services and HTML and JavaScript applications built using TopBraid technologies and application development tools.

Please contact for more information.

TopBraid Live Personal Server

The Personal Server edition of TopBraid Live is included with TopBraid Composer-Maestro Edition (TBC-ME) to replicate Enterprise Server features on a local machine within an IDE environment. It provides a powerful tool for designing, developing, and testing applications before deploying them to a TopBraid Live Enterprise Server.

You can access the TopBraid Live Personal Server console from any browser running on the same machine as TBC-ME. SPARQL endpoints and other web services running on the Personal Server can also be accessed from browsers and other applications running on the same machine.

For more information, use the Help facility in TBC-ME: TopBraid Composer > TopBraid Live Integration. To view any RDF graph(s) using the pre-built ‘default’ web application, open the graph in TBC, then select ‘Open with SWA Default application’ under the Model menu. Click here to see the default application showing information about Kennedy’s family.




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