First Data Governance to Use True Knowledge Graph Technology Based on W3C Standard RDF Graphs

RALEIGH, NC – May 7, 2019 – TopQuadrant™, a provider of data governance solutions using knowledge graph technologies, today announced the latest release of its flagship product, TopBraid Enterprise Data Governance (EDG) 6.2.

“The capabilities of knowledge graphs to provide meaning and connections for data continue to dominate our conversations, both with customers and prospects, including how they provide a foundation for data governance, cognitive computing and enterprise applications of AI/machine learning,” said Irene Polikoff, CEO and co-founder of TopQuadrant. “It is our goal to work with our customers to connect and enrich all of their data and knowledge graphs are an ideal solution.”

TopBraid EDG is an enterprise knowledge graph for data governance and supports integrated data governance across diverse types of data assets and governance needs. Key capabilities introduced in 6.2 include:

Enhanced User Experience

  • Role-centric views of resources powered by integration of GraphQL, SHACL and RDF data
  • Integration with external knowledge graphs such as Wikipedia
  • Enhanced search panes for Taxonomies, Ontologies and Crosswalks 
  • Wizards for building new resource shapes and creating rules

New Governance Capabilities

  • Governance roles can now be used to fully manage different access to asset collections and to specific functions within them
  • Greatly extended scope of data lineage and impact analysis with support for multiple types of data flows and their related business entities
  • Out of the box support for Data Graphs as a way to create and manage collections of any assets

Data Quality Improvements

  • EDG can learn likely business rules from sample data
  • Users can now validate data prior to importing it
  • Crosswalks are enhanced with better access to auto-mapping, pluggability of mapping algorithms and ability to create different connection types

Performance and Scalability Improvements

  • Throughout the product, including resource views, lineage diagrams and lists of available asset collections

To learn more and view a comprehensive list of capabilities for TopBraid Release 6.2, see the TopBraid 6.2 Release Notes.

About TopQuadrant

TopQuadrant helps organizations succeed in data governance with TopBraid Enterprise Data Governance (TopBraid EDG).  EDG is built on standards-based knowledge graph technology to seamlessly bring together enterprise information silos, connect enterprise metadata, ensure its quality and deliver easy and meaningful access for all data stakeholders. TopBraid EDG lets enterprises govern all relevant assets including business terms, reference data, enterprise metadata, data and application catalogs, data lineage, data exchanges and pipelines, requirements, policies, and processes. TopBraid EDG is the only solution built to support integrated governance across all types of assets and governance needs while, at the same time, offering a staged approach to data governance. TopQuadrant’s customer list includes organizations in financial services, pharma, healthcare, digital media, government and other sectors.


Kristi Lee-John