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TopBraid Composer™ Standard Edition
Join the thousands of users today who rely on TopBraid Composer for their ontology modeling and semantic mapping needs.

TopBraid Composer™ Standard Edition (TBC-SE) is the world’s most powerful semantic web modeling tool. In use by thousands of commercial customers, Composer offers comprehensive support for building, managing and testing configurations of ontologies and RDF graphs.

  • TBC-SE is a fully featured modeling tool for RDF/OWL graphs and SPARQL queries. Here are just a few of its popular features:

    • Visual editors for RDF graphs and class diagrams
    • Ability to generate SPARQL “by example” in the graph view
    • Automated conversion of spreadsheets, Excel, UML and other data sources
    • SPINMap – SPARQL-based ontology mapping tool
    • Triples view with support for refactoring triples across different graphs

    Fully compliant with W3C standards, TopBraid Composer is implemented as an Eclipse plugin. It’s workspace provides a named graph RDF data store. Individual graphs in the workspace can be stored in various ways, including:

    • RDF files
    • files in any format that TBC can auto-convert to RDF such as spreadsheets and (with Maestro Edition only) XML
    • graphs in external RDF databases
    • SPARQL endpoint connections (Maestro Edition only)
    • RDFa and Microdata web sites (Maestro Edition only)
    • Relational Databases

    Since TBC-SE can connect to relational databases, it also manages dynamic RDF graphs that come from relational data and supports running SPARQL queries over relational data.
    Users can combine graphs with different persistence by simply dragging and dropping them together.

    In addition to the Standard Edition, TopQuadrant also offers Maestro Edition and Free Edition of TBC:

    • Maestro Edition includes all features of the Standard Edition plus additional data import capabilities and support for developing TopBraid applications with tools like SPIN, SPARQLMotion and SPARQL Web Pages and Application Components.
    • Free Edition is a simple RDF/SPARQL editor with limited features and no commercial support.

    Upgrades are available from the Standard Edition to Maestro Edition.

  • What our users are saying…

    “TopBraid Composer is the only commercial-ready ontology design environment that meets the needs of application developers outside of the research community. We tried many other avenues, but only TopBraid Composer gave us what we needed.”
    Nova Spivack
    Radar Networks

    “I really like how TopBraid Composer allows me to mess with multiple ontology files all together. That's not something I could do in Swoop or Protégé, and I think that alone is worth the cost of the purchase.”
    Geoff Fortytwo
    Software Engineer
    IGN Entertainment

    “I seriously never thought I would consider another OWL editor but Protégé, but you have persuaded me. Good work, as usual.”
    Doug Holmes
    Illum Technologies

    “I have been using TopBraid Composer as a day-to-day tool to edit ontologies. The tool is very fast, displays multiple ontologies at a time, and integrates all the features I need, including inference engines, rules writing, and SPARQL support. My favorite feature is the Basket feature, which allows me to move resources around different ontologies and change namespaces with very few clicks. TopBraid Composer has simplified my work and increased my productivity.”
    Luis Bermudez
    Software Engineer

    “We have evaluated several tools for use with our ontology design classes. TopBraid Composer ended up being our top choice. The combination of ease of use, robustness, reasoning integration and consistency led us to select Composer over other available tools.”
    Dave McComb
    Semantic Arts

Introduction to TopBraid Composer

This video will help a new user to get started with TBC. It provides a brief introduction to its user interface and basic features.

Guided Tour of TopBraid Composer Features

Beyond the basic features, TopBraid Composer has many advanced capabilities. Take a look at this presentation for a comprehensive overview. Download >>

White Paper: Controlled vocabularies, taxonomies and ontologies

TopBraid Composer is an ontology modeling tool. What is an ontology and where, how and why it may be used?

Video: Bringing DBPedia into your ontology models

This short video demonstrates how to link a domain model with corresponding DBpedia pages. This feature can be used to link existing ontologies and instances with other semantic web vocabularies.
View >>

Video: Using SPINMap

This video tutorial introduces SPINMap, a SPARQL-based mapping language and transformation engine for describing and running transformations between two RDF/OWL ontologies. SPINMap is using SPIN templates and functions as a declarative mapping modeling language. These mappings can be edited either graphically or directly on RDF level.
View >>

Video: Spreadsheet Import

This video tutorial shows how to use one of TopBraid's spreadsheet importers to lift spreadsheet data into an OWL ontology.
View >>

Note that two other importers are available in TBC and even more options are available in EVN. See TBC Help for more information.

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