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Posted by Irene Polikoff on June 15, 2018

There is a growing realization that data is one of the most valuable enterprise assets. A year ago, Economist published an article pointing out that “data, not oil, is today’s most valuable resource“. A couple of months ago, Forbes joined … Read More »

Posted by Robert Coyne on May 21, 2018

We conducted two polls with interesting responses and fielded several questions as part of our recent webinar, Applied Data Governance: A Day in the Life of a Reference Data Steward. The webinar focused on managing the use of reference data … Read More »

Posted by Irene Polikoff on May 1, 2018

Following my two recent talks at the Enterprise Data World, 2018: SHACL (Shapes Constraint Language) – An Introduction, [Download Slides >>] FIBO in SHACL: The Next Step in Data Validation and Interoperability, [Download Slides >] I have been getting many … Read More »

Posted by Robert Coyne on March 7, 2018

Many large businesses – from pharmaceutical to aerospace to consumer goods – as well as government agencies rely on data governance to bring together all their disparate data sources – to make data across an organization available, meaningful, usable, re-usable, … Read More »

Posted by Steve Wartofsky on January 4, 2018

Happy 2018! December was a busy month – as I’m sure many of you, like me, experienced. We started the month with a trip to the Data Governance Winter Conference in Delray Beach, Florida. It is a great place to … Read More »

Posted by Irene Polikoff on October 25, 2017

SHACL (SHAPES Constraint Language) is a powerful, recently released W3C standard for data modeling, ontology design, data validation, inferencing and data transformation. In this post, we explore some important ways in which SHACL can be used to support capabilities needed … Read More »

Posted by Robert Coyne on October 6, 2017

TopQuadrant recently wrapped up our attendance, sponsorship and exhibition at SEMANTiCS 2017 in Amsterdam. This year’s conference had a strong turnout with 370 attendees to be exact. This represented a growth of 33% over last year which reflects the growing … Read More »

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