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Redefine Technical!

IT is the backbone of any Data Governance effort, since IT is the custodian of the Data in an Enterprise. Fruitful engagement between business and the IT is imperative for any successful Data Governance program. TopBraid Enterprise Data Governance(TopBraid EDG), uses a non-proprietary, graph standards-based, model-driven approach to capturing and preserving the meaning of data - something we call ‘semantic information management’. To the delight of the technical audience, EDG being modular in its architecture makes it is possible to go as deep in stack as required to understand, customize and extend the tool as required.

Do you find it challenging to:
  • Get a complete picture of your infrastructure?
  • Cope up with the ever changing business demands?
  • Quickly deliver reports customized to the audience?
  • Sync upstream and downstream systems when changes occur within the data landscape?
  • Evolve infrastructure to avail the state of the art technological advancements while delivering the business goals?
  • Stay in compliance keeping up with the unprecedented pace of change?
Interested in how TopBraid EDG can help your IT Governance tasks?
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