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Taxonomy and Ontology Management

Ontologies and taxonomies are becoming important in many different industries and enable critical business capabilities

These information models describe concepts and relationships in healthcare, web search services, manufacturing, financial services and other industries. They include well established de-facto standard models like SNOMED, SCHEMA.ORG, FIBO and QUDT.

Organizations that use these models typically enrich them with their own unique concepts, terms, relationships and rules. Just like business glossaries, metadata and other information models, ontologies and taxonomies need to be socialized with all stakeholders and governed in a collaborative environment.

TopBraid EDG™ will let you:
  • Re-use vocabularies: Include, extend, enhance and connect industry standard vocabularies
  • Develop taxonomies: With the unlimited levels of hierarchy, custom fields, lingual content and support for SKOS and SKOS-XL
  • Develop ontologies: Define semantics of data through classes, attributes, relationships and rich business rules
  • Publish and collaborate: By offering audience appropriate access to different stakeholders with the ability to view, search, visualize and submit comments.

Geography Taxonomy Example - Graph Explorer

Taxonomy and Ontology Management Resources

Product Video
Searching within an Asset Collection in TopBraid EDG (Using Taxonomy as an Example)
This video explores free text and parametric search capabilities within an asset collection.
Vocabulary Management
Product Video
SKOS XL Taxonomies in TopBraid EDG
This video introduces you to using SKOS-XL (SKOS Extension for Labels) in TopBraid EDG. SKOS-XL lets you treat labels as independent resources.
Vocabulary Management
Product Video
Working with Modular Taxonomies in TopBraid EDG
In this video you will learn how to create and re-use modular taxonomies. TopBraid EDG lets you easily combine and build connections between them.
Vocabulary Management
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