Well, not exactly day one… We have been on a journey for quite some time now. And a few of us at TopQuadrant have been blogging for awhile. However, until today we did not have a shared company blog. Our hope is to make the blog be a place for publishing tips on using the TopBraid Suite, discussing best practices for working with the Semantic Web standards, sharing thoughts and ideas, learning from each other and from our customers.

Today is not only the first day for the blog, but also the first day of the exhibit at the Semantic Technologies 2009. A busy day, many familiar faces, many new ones as well. Some reflections:

  • No one asked me today to explain RDF. Such a difference from just a year ago!
  • Almost no one asked me “what is this technology good for”. Everyone I talked to had a pretty clear idea what problems they wanted to solve. Integration was probably the most common theme.
  • The simplest demos seem to be the most effective ones. We’ve build a few fairly elaborate demos, but there is only so much one can show and absorb at a busy conference. Luckily, the demos we have are pretty versatile. I plan to post at least one of the demo apps for everyone to download and try.

Tomorrow a good amount of demoing will be done by our partners – Oracle and CTG. Both of the partner demos are focusing on medical informatics.

There is clear evidence that people are ready to adopt the technologies. Many spoke of pilot projects and the need to make IT people comfortable with new infrastructure. For TQ this was good confirmation of our TopBraid Ensemble/Live approach and product direction.

At the same time, some of the things we take for granted in our product are not always known to the market. We will therefore need to do some more communication of the “out-of-the-box” capabilities of the suite.