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Introducing a new type of agile data governance

Data Governance supported by standards-based knowledge graphs makes it easier for companies to reconcile data from different sources by compiling and organizing information about that data –its metadata. Semantic knowledge graphs can support metadata and data schema with the same standards-based representation used to describe the data itself.

In this standardized environment, data stewards can readily create new connections and relationships between data and the additional information needed to describe it, document its uses, sources, and so on. With TopBraid Enterprise Data Governance (EDG) data stewards are given direct access and flexibility to capture and preserve the true meaning behind their data.

With TopQuadrant’s semantic standards-based approach to Data Governance enterprises can:
  • Catalog all your assets and create critical mappings
  • Connect all your data assets for increased visibility and agile responsiveness to new data requirements
  • Collaborate with all data stakeholders to improve the quality and consistency of data
  • Curate your data and metadata to enhance access to all relevant information and use it more intelligently
Interested In how TopBraid EDG can connect your Data?
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