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With most regulatory infractions traced back to the misuse, unavailability or inaccuracy of data, organizations are being pushed to get control over their data. These regulations span multiple industries and include BCBS 239, CCAR, IDMP, GDPR, and more.

With today’s rapidly evolving data landscape, most existing data management systems struggle to handle diverse data and metadata. They can't respond quickly and reliably to business and regulatory changes, which increases risk of regulatory penalties.

The only way to ensure that your organization is prepared for potential changes in the future is to choose a non-proprietary and standards-based approach to capturing and preserving the meaning of data. We call this semantic information management.

TopQuadrant’s semantic standards-based approach to Data Governance allows enterprises to trust their data, delivering benefits such as:
  • Improved understanding of data: Combine, integrate, exchange and govern information more effectively and securely because you understand what it means and how it is used.
  • Reduced business risks: More meaningful data is key to ensuring regulatory compliance, avoiding errors and preventing misuse of enterprise data.
  • Reduced cost: Through the enforcement of your governance and security policies. Compliance and productivity can both be maintained.
  • Visibility and control: Through fully transparent activity trails, integrated data governance processes and reporting.
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