Enterprise Taxonomy & Ontology Management

A TopQuadrant Enterprise Data Integration and Management Solution

Better management of taxonomies and ontologies ensures that they will help you get more value out of your data assets—which is the job that business metadata is supposed to do. Whether you have centralized taxonomies and other vocabularies or a network of connected ones in your enterprise, with the right tools and standards support, business vocabulary terms and the relevant data about them can be made available to end users via user interfaces or to other systems as web services for navigation, disambiguation, search enhancement, and more. When a network of vocabularies includes industry standards developed outside of your organization, good management tools let you track their relationship to internal standards and get the best value from the combination.


Benefits include:

  • Better coordination of terminology and meaning across projects and departments
  • Dynamic support of search tools, complex user interfaces, and other automated systems that can benefit from curated vocabulary data
  • Easier classification of content leading to faster access to the content by both staff and customers

Tagging of shared content for easier retrieval, Master Data Management, and the use of code lists in web forms are very different tasks, but they have something in common: they’re all done much better and contribute to the business more if they’re driven by well-organized, standards-based curation and governance of the vocabularies used in these tasks.

The actual terms in those vocabularies are only one part of how they can add value. Data about those terms, such as their definitions, history, provenance, and especially their relationships to other terms can enhance the operations of other systems in your enterprise when this data can be shared across a network.

TopQuadrant Solution

TopQuadrant’s taxonomy and ontology management solution combines the capabilities of:

To address your goals, a total solution will create an integrated environment where TopBraid products are combined with your systems so that your vocabularies can provide the greatest value to your business systems.

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TopBraid Taxonomy & Ontology Management Products

TopBraid Enterprise Vocabulary Net™ (EVN) delivers the following vocabulary management capabilities:

  • Collaborative editing by a team of vocabulary managers who can manage changes through the use of “working copies” that can go through a review and approval workflow before being put into production where vocabulary end users can see updates
  • Intuitive web-based user interface
  • Built-in reports as well as form-based query building tools
  • Change tracking
  • Controlled, role-based access
  • Built-in and custom rules to ensure data quality
  • RESTful API for easy integration with other systems
  • Support of all relevant W3C standards for easy re-use of other data
  • Easy customization


  • Tracking of relationships between different uses of the same term or similar usage of different terms as an alternative to forcing everyone to share common definitions
  • Tracking of both production and proposed changes to vocabularies
  • Combinations of different vocabulary modules (both internally developed and from industry standards groups) into different “views” for different users’ needs
  • Easier management of multi-lingual vocabularies and vocabulary metadata—for example, definitions, scope notes, and other standard and custom metadata can be stored in multiple languages as easily as the terms themselves

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TopBraid EVN Viewer delivers the following vocabulary management capabilities:

Make your curated taxonomies available to an unlimited number of viewers to look up vocabulary data and metadata.


  • Offers the same intuitive interface as TopBraid EVN, but in a read-only mode for easy publication of curated taxonomies to whoever needs to look up the data
  • Same powerful search form for finding terms based on their names or any metadata about them

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