Enterprise Metadata Management

Enterprise Metadata Management

A TopQuadrant Enterprise Data Integration and Management Solution

Metadata provides context for data by representing its meaning, business significance and relationships with other data. Simply put, when metadata is available in an effective way, data becomes more valuable. TopQuadrant’s solution is a universal approach to metadata management. It aggregates and links metadata from a wide range of data sources.


Benefits include:

  • Combine, integrate, exchange and govern information more effectively
  • – through understanding the meaning of information from its business and technical metadata.

  • Reduce business risks
  • – more meaningful data assists with regulatory compliance by avoiding errors and by providing a holistic view of enterprise data across locations.

  • Increase productivity
  • – by understanding the impact of proposed data changes and enabling collaboration between business and technical stakeholders.

Agile businesses are adopting new strategies and technologies to better understand and interpret the volume and complexity of data that has proliferated throughout their organizations. They use next generation metadata management solutions to:

  • Facilitate seamless flow of data from one system to another
  • Improve information access by making the knowledge about the meaning of data available to the search and data integration tools
  • Enable better governance of enterprise information assets
  • Ensure consistent information quality across the organization
  • Maximize the income generation potential of data
  • Lower cost by minimize redundancy of data
  • Meet regulatory compliance requirements

TopQuadrant Solution

Metadata Management solution based on TopBraid products enables business users to define and annotate business terms that describe their environment and link them to technical metadata, creating a common vocabulary for the discussion of business terms and for business-IT collaboration. Metadata is collected from all data integration environments to provide the visibility and control needed to manage change, reduce errors and ensure data consistency. All metadata is available as Linked Data.

TopBraid Metadata Management Products

TopBraid Enterprise Vocabulary Net (EVN)

Collaborate on creating and managing semantic information models. TopBraid EVN connects business and technical metadata across data sources and information domains. Benefits of EVN:

  • Enhances business alignment through cross-functional collaboration
  • Provides a unified contextual view of the data for a diverse range of data users
  • Tracks lineage of all definitions and enables impact analysis of changes
  • Offers user-friendly UI for creation of comprehensive models and rules needed to express rich information domains
  • Enables reuse and extension of industry standard business vocabularies
  • Brings together metadata from structured and unstructured sources

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TopBraid Live (TBL)

Dynamically delivers metadata services to improve data transformation, data integration and search.

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Semantically Enriched Search Flow Chart


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TopQuadrant Metadata Management solutions consist of:

  • TopBraid products (click “Products” tab above)
  • Expert services and implementation methodology

Case Study: Managing Metadata for better Data Governance

Using TopBraid Enterprise Vocabulary Net, this financial services firm provided the business with better and timelier access to information about what data is being used by which applications, along with metrics and reporting on data quality, data lineage, and data connections.
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