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Give your content a new identity

Whether a company directly derives revenue from its content or whether content provisioning contributes to its other business, its digital presence depends on having an agile and responsive information management ecosystem for creating and managing content as well as to meet the emerging needs for the delivery of “smart” content. Metadata makes your content smarter. Smart content can be easily recombined to create new products. Metadata makes search results more relevant, enables better navigation with access to all related information and helps to target content to user's context.

Harnessing Metadata to Enhance Content
  • Capture and store flexible metadata about your content.
  • Use enhanced metadata to leverage the full potential of your content.
  • Capture how a piece of content is related to other content.
  • Make sure your content is stored, modified and used in compliance with your enterprise policy.
  • Leverage machine learning techniques to automatically discover the value of your content.
  • Keep up with the unprecedented pace of change in the content management ecosystem.
Interested in how TopBraid EDG can enable smart content?
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