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Data Governance

A TopQuadrant Business Solution

Increasingly, organizations recognize data as their key asset. TopQuadrant’s Data Governance solution seamlessly integrates governance of business glossaries, reference data, business and technical metadata, data catalogs, data models, and other enterprise data assets. Spanning governance of any information across any source and format, it can help you to use data as an asset for competitive advantage, utilize your resources more efficiently and meet data-related compliance regulations.

  • Benefits include:

    • Ease of collaboration between business and technical stakeholders
    • Shared knowledge on what data you have and what it means
    • Understanding how data in each data source was derived and how changes in data or schema in one source impact other sources and applications
    • Increased data quality and organization through reduced errors in coding and aggregation of data
    • Clear accountability for data assets

    The Challenge

    Data is taking center stage for businesses looking to stay competitive. Yet, management of data remains disconnected. Too often, tools used by organizations for managing metadata, business terms and reference data can’t share the meaning of the information they manage. Some of the tools are too “geeky” for the business to use, others are too simplistic to capture the information technical stakeholders must know. Many lack the flexibility required by data stewards to seamlessly modify and extend the types of information they govern. They can’t keep up with the growing variety of enterprise data sources and data governance needs.

    TopQuadrant Solution

    TopQuadrant's Data Governance solution is designed to address situations where:

    • Governance over data storage and distribution can be greatly enhanced with the addition of relevant and easily accessible metadata that documents its semantics
    • The management of data requires flexibility and extensibility to address changes and new requirements, and puts more capabilities for governance into the hands of business users
    • It essential to lower risk by providing auditability, provenance, and security of data that is required for external reporting and regulatory compliance
    • An organization must decrease costs – by minimizing chances of costly errors associated with manual, ad hoc processes and misinterpretation of the meaning of data

    For more information about how TopBraid products can help you to govern and harness your data or to schedule a demo, contact us at

  • TopBraid Products for Data Governance

    TopBraid Enterprise Data Governance™ (TopBraid EDG) provides a comprehensive data governance solution for enterprises that have heterogeneous data stores and data processing needs that are growing and changing. It provides a rich set of capabilities to support collaborative data governance. Benefits include:

    • Helps organizations use data more intelligently
    • Provides visibility into data and business operations
    • Allows organizations to ensure that their data is consistent, reliable and usable for analysis
    • Provides rich, standards-based information structures that enable users to capture anything they need
    • Enables data integration across applications for operational need.
    • Automates distribution of governance datasets and metadata
    • Enables agile responsiveness to new data requirements

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