Solutions Overview

Solutions Overview

TopQuadrant’s enterprise solutions empower people by providing them with integrated, business-relevant information irrespective of the location, origin or structure of the underlying data sources.

For comprehensive, but flexible and incremental support for data governance for glossaries, reference data or to connect business, technical and operational metadata, explore our Data Governance solutions:

All TopQuadrant solutions are standards-based and enable enterprises, while addressing specific business needs, to incrementally evolve to a more capable strategic information infrastructure that we call a semantic ecosystem. Using TopBraid solutions organizations transform diverse information into semantic assets that progressively build a semantic ecosystem while maintaining legacy structures, data schemas and technologies, thus allowing for cost effective progression to newer technologies.

This is achieved by:

  • removing ambiguity from business vocabularies and data
  • aggregating, correlating and enriching information
  • harmonizing exchanges between different systems

TopQuadrant’s enterprise solutions enable organizations to create an ecosystem of actionable knowledge. We help customers to plan for, configure and deploy semantic solutions that let systems and people quickly fuse relevant information from diverse sources, put knowledge into context, collaborate effectively, and make better decisions.

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