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SHACL Training

We invite you to register for our practical, hands-on 2 1/2 day training course on SHACL, taught by the experts who helped W3C develop this powerful new technology standard! Classes available this year are:

Note: the first offering of this training was conducted in New York City, Oct. 23-25, with a class of enthusiastic students!

Utrecht, Netherlands

December 5-7, 2018 Pricing and Registration

Building Knowledge Graphs with SHACL

- using the new standard, SHACL from the World-wide Web Consortium (W3C)

SHACL, the Shapes Constraint Language, lets you specify the structure of knowledge graphs by defining conditions that must be met by their data and metadata. These conditions are described using structures called SHACL shapes.

SHACL shapes are not only for data, models are also constraint-based constructs.  SHACL provides an alternative to using RDFS and OWL for ontology modeling, but can also be used together with RDFS/OWL. SHACL has been called a 'game changer' for data management and governance. Why? SHACL lets you:

  • state what properties are required to have values, the number and type of allowed values and many other constraints
  • specify knowledge models with fully extensible expressivity
  • express rich rules that infer new facts from available data
  • describe how data should be displayed to the user


Over two and a half (2.5) days, the course will combine lectures with exercises to give you practical, hands-on experience. You will learn what this technology is about, why it important, and what it can do for you. We cover the syntax, the capabilities and how to put them to use to implement semantics-based systems. Specific topics of focus and details will include:

As part of the class, we will demonstrate how SHACL can support enterprise applications by showing ways that it is currently being used within our agile data governance solution, TopBraid Enterprise Data Governance. These include validating data entered by users, and dynamically generating forms.

Knowledge Graph Validation with SHACL

  • What are node shapes, property shapes and targets
  • What pre-defined constraint components are available in SHACL Core vocabulary and how to use them
  • Different approaches for identifying data each shape applies to and best ways for using each
  • How to use SPARQL to define more complex constraints
  • How to build extensions to SHACL by declaring and publishing new constraint components
  • What are suggestions and how they work

Knowledge Graph Reasoning with SHACL

  • What are SHACL Triple Rules and how to use them
  • What are SHACL SPARQL Rules and how to use them
  • How and when SHACL can be combined with OWL and RDFS reasoning
  • How SHACL can be used together with the machine learning approaches to reasoning

for more see this page at TopQuadrant's website.

Knowledge Graph Query, Data Management and Display with SHACL

  • How to use SHACL to generate and enrich GraphQL schemas and support GraphQL queries (for more see this page  at TopQuadrant's website)
  • How to use SHACL to define data displays;
  • How to specify different shapes for the same data in support of different use cases
  • Best practices for maintainability, reuse and performance
  • Approaches for converting your existing ontologies and rules to SHACL
  • Use of SHACL for data management and governance.

Who Should Attend:

Knowledge Graph Developers and Designers, Ontology and Taxonomy Modelers, Linked Data Developers and Designers, Architects and Managers involved in the projects that use semantic technologies.

Pricing and Registration

Utrecht, Netherlands

December 5-7, 2018 Register

Utrecht, Netherlands: €1,495* / Participant.

The class will be held in a comfortable training venue, and daily lunch will be provided.

* Upon registration, you will receive an invoice with options for payment. When paying by Credit Card you will be charged in USD: $1,699. Payment by check must also be in USD in the amount: $1,699. Payment must be received prior to the training class.

Schedule of Training:

  • Day 1 and day 2 of the training will start at 9am and finish at 4:30pm.
  • Day 3 of the training will start at 9am and finish at 1:00pm.

More on the Instructors:

Irene Polikoff

Irene Polikoff has more than two decades of experience in software development, management, consulting and strategic planning. She has served as a co-chair of the W3C Working Group that produced SHACL standard and was instrumental in shepherding it through the process – from the initial requirements through the final design. During this course Irene will share her deep knowledge of SHACL, its capabilities and design rationale. Irene has extensive experience in delivering trainings on the use of the Semantic Web standards, developing ontology models, designing solution architectures and defining deployment processes and guidance.

Ralph Hodgson

CTO and Co-founder of TopQuadrant, Ralph is an expert on SHACL as well as OWL, SPARQL and SPIN (predecessor to SHACL). Ralph has been a power user of SHACL for nearly three years, starting with the initial public draft of the standard. Since then, he has developed several large ontologies in SHACL for domains such as data governance, enterprise architecture and regulatory compliance. During the course he will draw from his practical experience of deploying solutions that use SHACL.


Irene Polikoff

As a co-chair of the W3C Working Group responsible for developing SHACL, Irene is uniquely qualified to present SHACL capabilities and explain its design goals.

Ralph Hodgson

Hodgson_SMRalph has been a power user of SHACL for nearly three years, starting with the initial public draft of the standard. During the course he will draw from his practical experience of deploying solutions that use SHACL.

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