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Solution Services

The semantic wave is taking off in the marketplace fulfilling the vision of markedly better communication, collaboration and integration. Interest and adoption in organizations large and small is growing because the W3C semantic web standards are mature and have proven to be useful.

New technology creates new opportunities. It also creates new challenges. Common questions we hear from customers are:

  • Where and how do I apply these new technologies?
  • What is the most effective way to start working with them?
  • What new skills does my organization need and how can we acquire them?
  • What new methodologies and ways of working are necessary?
  • Are there new architectural patterns for ontology-based systems?

TopQuadrant is providing a full range of services to enable customers to build a new generation of more flexible and powerful enterprise solutions based on the W3C semantic standards. We offer:

  • Discovery Services
  • Solution Implementation Services
  • Ontology Development Services
  • Comprehensive Training Program

TopQuadrant’s products together with our supporting services provide a pragmatic, lifecycle approach that combines technology, methods, knowledge assets, training and mentoring with solution implementation services.

Each organization and project is different. Some have significant IT resources in house or are working with a preferred systems integrator. They need training, mentoring and solution assurance assistance. Other organizations are looking for a vendor to be responsible for the implementation. Recognizing the different needs, TopQuadrant offers flexible and modular services that can be easily customized.

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