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Semantic Data Products

Create data products and ecosystems

Expand upon the building blocks of controlled vocabularies and create data products that enable content-centric workflows and lifecycle governance of sensitive information. Or simply expand on your semantic journey and add meaning to data, improving its findability and ultimately its reusability.

An RDF-based knowledge graph is the ideal, open-standards approach to bring multiple data assets together, and to share data between users, systems and applications.

As the ultimate knowledge graph creation and curation tool, TopBraid EDG has the power you need to create data hubs, data mesh or a data ecosystems semantically. Best of all, while solving specific business challenges, building semantic data products lays the foundation for future enterprise metadata management initiatives such as a semantic data catalog.

Common initiatives for semantic expansion include:
- Improving search and add recommendation engines for content libraries
- Streamlining regulatory compliance processes
- Minimizing costly errors associated with manual, ad hoc processes and misinterpretation
- Creating meaning out of unstructured data with auto-tagging and auto-classification
- Bringing consistency and accuracy to reference data management

Semantic Data Product Resources

Product Video
Searching within an Asset Collection in TopBraid EDG (Using Taxonomy as an Example)
This video explores free text and parametric search capabilities within an asset collection.
Vocabulary Management
Product Video
SKOS XL Taxonomies in TopBraid EDG
This video introduces you to using SKOS-XL (SKOS Extension for Labels) in TopBraid EDG. SKOS-XL lets you treat labels as independent resources.
Vocabulary Management
Product Video
Working with Modular Taxonomies in TopBraid EDG
In this video you will learn how to create and re-use modular taxonomies. TopBraid EDG lets you easily combine and build connections between them.
Vocabulary Management
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