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Semantic Data Catalog

Enhance your legacy data catalog or replace it with a semantic data catalog, a key component of data fabric

Data catalogs are mature solutions that inventory and provide information about an organization’s data. Unfortunately, these catalogs have become a new kind of data silo, with common pains including:
- Rigid model of data representation
- Limited in what meaning (or metadata) can be associated with data sets
- Lack of intuitive search (lack of semantic search)
- Similar concepts are not natively connected (semantic conceptual mapping)
- Closed, proprietary system

By enhancing your data catalog with semantic enrichment, you enable it to be reused more widely. Instead of living in a siloed, proprietary and limited format, your data could exist as an open-source, eminently consumable and adaptable RDF knowledge graph. Benefits include:
- Machine readable format that can serve as a foundation for AI.
- More flexible and multi-dimensional; there is no limit to how much meaning you can imbue into your data.
- Unlike flat or rigid architectures, it can represent different types of metadata, such as for business concepts or regulatory requirements.
- Greater responsiveness to change and dynamic data environments, such as regulatory change or to harmonize independently managed data sets.

TopBraid EDG is the ultimate knowledge graph creation and curation tool, and has more open, less restrictive ways to inspect, validate, improve quality and add value to the data than typically provided by data catalogs.
- EDG aids in imbuing meaning to data via auto-tagging and auto-classification features, and also inferencing and problem/suggestion features.
- EDG has greater collaboration and workflow features, better enabling SMEs to imbue their knowledge into the data with full governance.

Organizations can quickly start laying the foundation for enterprise value in semantics without a large investment in kickoff. Moreover, individual semantic projects build value towards the greater organization while still providing short-term ROI.

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